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BozBoards :: NeverStopPushing – Onterrible Teaser

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You’d be forgiven if you thought this was a video about covering long distances on flat ground, but it’s not. The BozBoards crew are downhill skateboarders through and through, committed to pushing themselves and their skateboarding whenever they go out for a session. 

The first of our series of teasers to warm you up for never stop pushing, which is our first ever full length skate film.

We decided to film a full length feature as incentive to keep our riders pushing their limits as hard as they can all season long and really see how much faster we can go on every hill they skate.

We dont think its about digits and getting the longest slide, but we care more about how gnarly we can get, how close to the edge of comfortably we can get while still relying on our instincts to keep us on our boards. 

We know we arent pushing the sport, but only ourselves and we hope to inspire you to go out and skate hard every day.

Hence the name 


Along with being the first teaser for NeverStopPushing this is the first introductory video for our 2014 DH Line which includes the Patriarch, and the Talisman DH

The film will release late fall
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Film and edit: Matt Bo
Matt Noseworthy
Jon Norman
Dan Herzog

Talisman DH

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