The Boneyard: 2013 Kozakov Challenge

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It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded a crappy collection of images and what better time to do it than when I’m overseas with slow internet connection. This is my first time racing skateboards throughout Europe and it has been quite an adventure thus far.


After three flights and 12+ hours of trying to sleep, I landed in Prague where they promptly lost my luggage. Luckily, I found beer quickly.



Not only did I find beer, but I also found a good friend to share it with. Kula Jensen broke his hand at Almabtrieb and had to head home to Norway. It’s a bummer that I didn’t get to skate with him but at least we got to hang out in the airport for a bit and catch up. Heal up buddy!



I met up with the Landyachtz crew and we headed of to do tourist stuff in Prague while we waited for my bags to be located.



Kyle found the Charles Bridge.



Dillon and I found the St. Vitus Cathedral.



The interior was pretty, too.



They have lots of statues around Prague. I posed in front of this one and immediately after this photo a Russian guy came up to me and asked if I knew who it was. I told him I didn’t and he responded by saying, “I’m Russian. Vodka. I drink vodka.” Lots of colorful people here in Europe.



Our friend Thomas at One15 Skateshop hooked us up with an awesome place to stay in Prague. Many thanks to this guy!



The view from his flat was lovely.



Drinking in public is legal/acceptable in Czech Republic, which means brown-paper bags are not required. Phew!



On our way out to Kozakov we stocked up on supplies. I figured I’d wipe my ass with a lamb so this was a good choice.



Zak and Max were kind enough to let me sleep on the floor of their hotel room, which was quite luxurious.



We were jamming out and living it up in our convertible on the way to the party.



Maybe too hard…



The Euros were pretty damn good at chair/bench wrestling. They took it to the next level. I contemplated giving it ago but after realizing I had been drinking heavily (Statopramen, Jager, Absinthe), I decided watching was good enough for me.



The Madrid crew got hooked up with two Fiat Abarths to drive around Europe. They attached three GoPros, two SLRs, and one Dubler in the front seat. In this photo Zak is following Louis down the hill incredibly close. I’m sure SkateHouse will post up a sweet video showing some of this footage.



Having a bar at the top of the hill is a blessing (kind of).



The music that was blasting in the party tent was hit-or-miss (usually miss). Albin and I decided to take over DJ responsibilities for an evening. We enjoyed the music and that’s all that matters. Right?



When all was said-and-done, Zak Maytum won the 2013 Kozakov Challenge. This meant only one thing: time to get turnt up.



Pirate accessories are a cool thing to give away during an after party.



Some of us got really turnt up that night.



Some of us got so turnt up that it carried on into the next day.



We had a lovely drive through the countryside and now we are at Grim Mountain. Check out the next installation of the Boneyard for more coverage of the 2013 Euro-tour. Or for those of you who are tech-savy, follow @billy_bones on Instagram or do a search for #imnotfromhere