The Boneyard: Grim, Peyragudes and Beyond

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Just made it back home from the Eurotour and I am slowly starting to feel American again. During my grueling 36 hours of travel to get home I had some time to go through all the photos I took and, oh boy, there’s a lot of bullshit to sift through.


This photo really sums up Grim Mountain. The road was OK, the town sucked, and we spent way too long there.



Andrew Chapman won the race and Dillon wrestled with Erik. That was cool.



The after-party did have large jars full of orange drank, which was very pleasant surprise, although the small straws didn’t get the liquid into our mouthes fast enough.



We figured out a solution.



Once again, some of us got a little too turnt up.



Kyle bought a pair of Adio shoes and this is what they looked like after four runs. Lesson learned: never buy Adio.



We drove eight-plus hours from Czech Republic to stay with our friend Felix in Freiburg, Germany. Driving that long on the Autobahn was intense. It’s kinda surprising how fast a rental minivan can go. (For the record: 200+km/h.)



We stopped by Layback Skateshop and hit their mini ramp for a bit. This thing was very janky but much shredding went down.


Most of the time we were in Europe we would snack on baguettes with a salami of sorts. This photo, while it may appear gross, shows what were probably the tastiest meat cuts I had the whole time I was there.



Not long after leaving Freiburg, we found ourselves in the midst of some of the best roads France has to offer.



It’s hard to describe how much fun it is to skate 16+ miles of a road of this caliber. Kinda makes me want to give up my life here and move to the French Alps.



We followed Chapman down for a run and he got buck wild. I’m sure he’ll post a video soon.



We stopped by a ski shop on top of one of the mountain passes and the shop owner turned out to be a speed skier with a sick helmet collection. This was one of his coolest/weirdest lids.



Before finishing off the drive to Peyragudes, we stopped by the legendary Marseilles skatepark. For those of you who don’t know about this place, check out this video.



We saw lightning on the way to Peyragudes. That was cool.



Unfortunately we got into town too late to get our hotel room. Sleeping in the lobby was better than nothing.



Peyragudes is an absolutely beautiful place to have a skateboard race. I took tons of photo like this because, well, I was a tourist.



The organizer, Koma Kino, puts on one helluva event. Two thumbs up to Koma.



Situated next to the race course is an airport runway that is incredibly steep. Apparently it was used in a James Bond film (Tomorrow Never Dies).



Jonas and I got to take a plane ride with a German pilot named Herman.



The view of the race course was pretty dang cool.



We also realized that using a plane is possibly the best way to scout out new roads. Gonna have to work on my pilot’s license.



I got to meet Roller-man. Unfortunately I didn’t get to try his suit.



During the race, Louis was kind enough to give me one of Sector Nine’s custom brewed beers.



Zen and James had a pretty good pile-up during the Quarters and it left a very big scratch on Zen’s signature helmet. Bummer.



After Peyragudes we went to Barcelona for a couple days before flying home. It’s safe to say that it was one of my favorite stops on the trip.



Barcelona has some of the best street skating in the world and I was barely able to scratch the surface (timewise and skillwise).

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We spent a fair amount of time on the beach and it turns out that massages were fairly cheap.


The next series of photos I will call the duckface series.


Prague Duckface



Grim Duckface



Big Mountain Duckface



My new friend Duckface.



Erotic Museum Duckface. (View original. NSFW)



Circus Duckface



Restaurant Duckface



Barcelona Duckface


I’d like to give a big thanks to Landyachtz and The Longboard Store for helping make this trip a reality. It was quite an adventure and I hope I’ll be lucky enough to do it again some day. As a final parting note I will leave y’all with an image of what I will miss most about Europe. A shot of espresso and sparkling water.


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