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Barney Lascola I Lush Longboards, Cult Wheels

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Barney Lascola is now on the Lush and Cult teams, so they put together this edit featuring Barney’s fast paced freeriding style and slick rhymes about jungle animals.

Welcoming Barney Lascola to the Lush Team with this edit sick edit!

Barney hails from Dunedin, Florida. He caught our eye a while back with his super clean style, half mast trousers and singing skills. That and he’s managed to get pretty damn handy at freeride in one of the flattest places in the world… Yeeew!

Barney skates a Lush Steezestoker.…

Thanks to Cole Alcock for the filming and edit! Check out his channel here!

Lush Cult Barney Lascol


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