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PRGLNG Eurotrip Teaser

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The PRGLNG team put out a quick crash teaser for their dope trip around Europe…gotta love seeing a few good bails.

short crash teaser about our trip arouond the europe.
Whole vid comming soon – Stay in touch, its gonna be huge!

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Screen shot 2013-08-27 at 9.57.29 PM


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  1. Rob McWhinnie

    yep kooking it on serious hills… gotta be the best place to practice your sides hey…its only the dolamites. peeps had real trouble with the 5-0 this year on that hill. wonder why? cops were worried about our safety and riders blowing it in front of traffic.

  2. Miroslav Sedlak

    Since these guys are from Prague, 'practicing slides' on these hills is much, much safer than lets say…practicing on Kozakov hill. Roads in the Czech Republic are in much worse condition, and the drivers that drive on them are insane most of the time.

  3. Johny Ballony

    I agree with Rob. People are skating there during the "traffic jam" and that is not acceptable. If you can't seet and wait till it's "safe" not just for you but for the others as well, than go home and blow your own spot away. Respect the traffic and don't get in way of cars otherwise they will call the police.. like they did this time when this team was skating there.

  4. Nadia Hozić

    we were there the same day…while the police was checking out our passports one of them flew by – best moment ever haha we got a warning (we were only filming one turn while the other guys skated the whole thing in traffic)..last thing we know we saw the police waiting for them at the end of the track.

  5. Tadeáš Hruška

    Whos talking about practice? You never fail on your board? Well, than sorry, we do.. And when you bomb hill with 32 180 degree corners 6 times per day for few days, sometimes just shit happen.. The beauty of those corners is, that you see whats happening 500 meters behind it and that there is no danger coming up hill.. so you try your best.. if you fail, you get up. End of story.

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