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Landyachtz: Interview with Elena Corrigall and video premiere

With the launch of this video by Landyachtz, we figured it was a good time to catch up with Elena Corrigall. She’s been lighting it up on the race circuit this year, and by the looks of it she’s only just begun to show us what she’s capable of.

Where are you and what are you up to right now?

I’m currently driving back to Calgary after the Salt Spring Slasher on Salt Spring island this past weekend, and hitting some sick skate spots on the way!

You’ve been having some good success on the race circuit this season, what do you attribute that to?

This year has been amazing. After having that first season of racing under my belt, and a winter long of parkade riding, this season I’ve been able to progress faster then I could ever have imagined! Skating for me has continued to be excessively more and more fun everyday since I started and I think that is what fuels my riding. The more confident I get in my riding, the faster and closer I can ride with other riders and the feeling that that brings is quite inexplicable. Another aspect of my past that I would attribute my riding to would be my previous training on the Junior National ice luge team. I believe that the hard work and persistence that I learnt helped me become the rider that I am today.

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Photo: Jacob Lambert

Rumor has it you were even thinking about the Olympics. Why’d you stop? Do you think downhill could make it to the Olympics someday?

I was on the Junior National ice luge team for four years, competing across North America and in Europe on the Junior World Cup circuit. At that point in time I had devoted my time to luge and was fortunate enough to forerun the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games. I had my eyes set on 2014, but after competing in my first downhill event (Danger Bay in 2012) my coaches told me that I needed to make a decision between the sports. As you can probably guess, I chose longboarding. Here I am today and I couldn’t be happier with my decision! Luge helped make my transition quite easy, having already been accustom to high speeds and the knowledge of lines through a corner. I really hope that one day longboarding can be a widely recognized sport and I do think that it has the potential to be an event in the Olympic Games or once again the X Games.

Women’s downhill skateboarding seems to really be heating up, where do you see it heading?

More and more ladies are realizing that this sport is possible for women as well, and that we have a place in it. In such a male dominated sport, it’s awesome to see and experience women being able to compete with the men and give them a run for their money! I can’t wait for the women’s field to be as big as the men’s and have some of us ladies up on that open podium!

When you got picked up by Landyachtz, it was in a joint announcement including Riley. Is there anything you guys don’t do together or are you guys just a package deal all the time? What’s your experience been like being in a relationship with another downhill skater?

I feel very fortunate that Riley and I got picked up by the same (super rad) company and have the opportunity to skate and travel the world together. I really couldn’t ask for anything more. Riley is probably my favorite person to skate down hills with; having someone to shred with who you fully trust their every move makes skating pretty darn cool! I would definitely recommend skate dates to anyone who is looking for a way to connect!

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Photo: Jacob Lambert

What’s the scene like in Calgary these days?

Calgary’s scene is unreal in my opinion. It’s hard to go to a skate spot and not see other riders already there. The scene consists of the ‘OG’ skaters, the CDH beer league (series of outlaws), the weekly Saturday Night Ride, Royal Board Shop’s weekly clinic and plenty of groms who shred extremely hard to top things off.

What are your plans for the rest of the season? And how about next year and beyond?

In less than two weeks time I will be off to South America to do some racing and experience the scene and life in Peru, Colombia, and Brazil! Saying that I’m severely excited is still an understatement. After that it’s off to live in Australia for the winter and then back to Canada when springtime comes around again! It still feels like a fairytale but I absolutely can’t wait!

Spill the beans on the board design project you’ve been working on.

I’m currently in the process of designing a board for spring 2014. There will finally be a board geared specifically towards female riders to fit our every need! A couple of key features to be excited about are a narrower foot platform to hold in those smaller feet and an optional rocket launcher attachment. (Just kidding about that last part.) Regardless, I’m excited to share some runs with the  ladies on this board!

What’s the story with this video?

The video being released is in hindsight an overdue welcome to the team video for Riley and myself. The theme of it is along the lines of Adam Yates comes to Calgary and we show him all of our hidden gems and rad skate spots! I had an amazing time filming with these guys and am personally extremely excited to see it myself!

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Photo: Jacob Lambert

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Our newest team riders Elena Corrigall & Riley Harris team up with Adam Yates to show you around one of the biggest hot spots for longboarding, Calgary, Alberta. 

Riley Harris
Elena Corrigall
Adam Yates
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