Dalua Downhill is still picking up speed: New video and Netflix competition

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The Dalua Downhill film project has been since 2010, but it continues to pick up steam. Starting as a web series, it has grown into a full-fledged documentary that has been met with success at several film festivals in South America. The latest development has seen the film selected to compete in Prêmio Netflix Brasil. If the film gets enough votes, it will be distributed globally on Netflix, placing Dalua, the film, and the downhill skateboarding scene in general in front of a huge international audience.

Peep the brand-new trailer above and then go to Prêmio Netflix Brasil to vote. (The site is in Portuguese, but all you need to do is click where it says “VOTE”.)

It’s been a while, since 2010, that we have been working on this project. We are very happy to know that a project that started without much pretension and funded with money from our own pocket could touch so many hearts worldwide.

In 2011, when we released Dalua Downhill web series, we could verify that we had a big audience in the whole world. So, we decided to go further. We kept filming Dalua and we put together a feature-length film, 88 minutes long. In the last year Dalua Downhill film has been presented in some film festivals here and we won 2 best picture prizes, in Rio International Sportmovies Festival and in Porto Alegre Mimpi Film Fest.

We have been studying possibilities to distribute our film internationally, in order to reach the largest possible audience. Always being consistent with the principle that has lead us all the way: make a skateboarding film that everybody could enjoy and be moved. Being a skateboarder or not.

Recently, we received news that totally matches with this momentum. Dalua Downhill was selected along with 9 other brazilian independent films to compete in Prêmio Netflix Brasil (i.e. Netflix Prize – Brazil). The winner will be distributed worldwide by Netflix and will be available to be watched by 33 million people in 40 countries.

Needless to say that winning this contest would be a great victory for downhill skateboarding. It means a massive audience and an opportunity to show to the world the sport and lifestyle that we love.
Voting is online at link: www.premionetflixbr.com/movie/8 <http://www.premionetflixbr.com/movie/8>
(the website is on portuguese, but it is easy to understand, you have to click on the red button “VOTE”)
Voting demands only 3 clicks and can be made via Facebook and Twitter

If you wanna remember about Dalua Downhill webseries, check out our favorite episode: http://www.vimeo.com/30099362

Dalua Downhill


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