Lush Longboards: VANDEM FREERIDE 2013

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Vandem MFG (Lush Longboards, Sabre Trucks, Cult Wheels) threw a monster of a freeride event recently, and it looks like it was a hell of a time. Click through for a bunch of photos from the event.





Vandem Freeride



Just over 140 skaters came down for the weekend, we had two days of perfect weather, and the uplift system allowed some skaters to clock over 50 runs on the 1.3 mile track between both days. We had a huge party on Saturday night, with local metal band Cry Havoc coming on just before midnight, we’re pretty sure that everyone had a good time!!!

A huge thanks to everyone who came and skated, and everyone who helped us throw the biggest downhill skateboard event the UK has yet seen!

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