Introducing Hydroflex Skateboards

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Hydroflex Skateboards


We get a lot of announcements coming our way about new boards and board companies, and they’re usually pretty boring. When I opened up an email from Hydroflex Skateboards, I was expecting more of the same. Turns out that wasn’t going to be the case. Far from it, the folks at Hydroflex are putting to use some new tech they developed for surfboard construction and applying it to skate decks.

Using construction techniques that appear to come directly from a science fiction movie, they’re working to create decks that are light, stiff, and long lasting. I guess it’s to be expected from a couple of German engineers who moved their operation to the heart of the surf industry in California to put their innovation to use. Now they’re making in roads into skateboarding, going so far as to include a downhill shape in their initial lineup. The Angler was designed by SoCal skater/photographer Trent Stake.

They already met their Kickstarter goal, but if you want a board, you can still pre-order through the page. Click through to see a video and learn more about the boards.

The skateboards are built like surfboards, using only foam, fiberglass and resin. The boards are light, strong and waterproof, due to their patented 3D-Glassing™ Technology. The deck is made of a signature honeycomb core enhanced with radiating colors, evoking an eye candy effect. The decks patented 3D bonding structure is based on biomimetic principles and connects both sides of the deck. This ensures the boards are responsive and durable.

“We started using excess materials from surfboard production to build cruiser skateboards that we could use to skate around the factory, get lunch and check the surf”, founder Rouven Brauers explains. After a number of friends and business partners took notice and wanted a board for themselves, the Hydroflex team started to look at the idea more in depth to further build prototypes and develop the product.
“We wanted to go beyond existing limits of deck construction and bring something totally new to market” Hydroflex CEO Rich Ciesco explains. “A board with a fresh look and outstanding riding characteristics.”


Hydroflex was started by German born shaper and designer Rouven Brauers, whose liftetime mission to create the best boards possible continues to define the company. Founded 2003 in Germany, the company moved to California in 2009. All boards are made in California, built for more than 30 different world class shapers, such as Matt Biolos, Roberts and Rusty. Several top surfers like Josh Kerr, Brett Simpson and Carissa Moore embrace the new technology. Moore, current number one in the ASP rankings, actually won this year’s Vans US Open of Surfing on a Hydroflex board.


Hydroflex Technology has won several international prizes with its surfboard technology; most notably, the ispo BrandNew Award, the international design prize IF Award and the CONNECT MIP (Most Innovative New Product) award. The company holds four patents.
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