The all new Landyachtz Charlie Horse

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Landyachtz Charlie Horse


You’ve seen the prototypes before in our video Born and Raised, but now the final iteration is ready. Charlie Darragh posted this image of the Landyachtz Charlie Horse on his website today and it’s looking like a pretty sweet and simple top mount deck with a graphic that seems to draw inspiration from heavy metal bands and/or Dungeons and Dragons. Your call.

No word on an official release date yet, so stay tuned.

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  1. John Richard Catto

    Appearances can be deceiving, my friend. They actually removed some of the inner plies to make it lighter, it also has small wheel flares and "W" concave.

  2. Jeff Hooper

    arbiter 36 looks like a 2011 wolfshark. someone is retro-actively stealing ideas. f***ing dirty landyachtz!

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