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AGP, Spyder’s, and a Sextupletopocopter

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The prospect of affordable remote controlled drones and tiny video cameras is pretty terrifying from a personal privacy standpoint in these days when everyone wants to know everything about you in the event that you turn out to be the next Unabomber, but the uptick is that the same technology allows people to make some pretty cool skate videos on a minimal budget.

Exhibit A: This video from Metro Wheels, showing three of the East Coast team riders getting down on this tarmac noodle in the Appalachians.

I guess we can thank Big Brother for ushering in this new era of skate videos.

On the east coast, AGP members Jack Traynor, Jared Henry, and Matt Deitch skate their Spyder’s down a turny slab of asphalt in the appalachian jungle. 

Thanks to Judson Wentz killing it with the sextagonocopter!

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Screenshot 2013-10-14 12.29.55