Rip City Skate Relocation Party

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Portland, Oregon’s Rip City Skate just moved its store down Sandy Boulevard and had a re-location party this last Friday. Subsonic Skateboards, Coldwar Skateboards, and Turnco all moved their locations to the back garage area of the store. So with a Bridgeport IPA keg in the garage and a little mini ramp with pool coping in the middle of the skate shop, we celebrated like regular ol’ Northwestern skateboarders.

If you had been to Rip City’s previous location at 1532 NE 37th Ave, you’d know it’s right off of NE Sandy Blvd. The new store is just down Sandy a few blocks towards downtown. The new address is 3213 NE Sandy Boulevard and is a few store fronts away from Fantasy For Adults Only in case you’re an interested adult.

I arrived to the event a bit late but some lil’ gromets had some fun earlier before I got there and posted a quick video – Rip City Skate relocation skate party.

I got there once it was dark out. If you look at the opening image you may be able to see the moon was out as well.



If you haven’t been to Rip City in awhile, you may not know the new face of Rip City Skate. This is Jordan Huotari and he is the manager now. Jp Rowan was a faithful leader of the store for many years but was growing anxious. Now that he has broken away from the shop, he is traveling and beginning the organization process for a bunch of boarder cross events next year.



Skip had his vulvic Turnco art up on display and also had a sale on his boards for the night.





The ramp was shredded all night. It is really difficult to skate. Though it looks like this was the only shredder, he just happened to be shredding the best when I was sober enough to shoot photos.


Carmen And Alicia converse with friends around the keg.


Generations of Subsonic Skateboards hang on display in the garage.


Scott Moore (center) looks up at his new office in the back garage area of Rip City Skate. Things have definitely progressed since moving out of his home garage.


Carmen always knows how to step it up at a party. This was the most downhill skateboarding thing that happened all night. Tuck keg stand.


And that was that.

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