Boneyard: East Coast Part One (NYC)

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Guff and I are not strangers to urban life, but New York is one big, crazy city. I’d been there once before with my family and thought I was somewhat prepared for the three-plus days I’d be spending in the Big Apple. I was, not surprisingly, unprepared. Fortunately for us, the Davenports were our terrific hosts for the weekend and helped us make the most of our time.

For those of you who are 21+, New York is a great city for drinking. While the beer is a little expensive, it’s plentiful and can be found everywhere (don’t let the cops see it though, I’ll elaborate on that a little more). Pictured below are a light beer and dark beer from Mcsorely’s bar. It’s New York’s oldest bar, dating back to the late 1800’s. Guff and I put in some work there.


A lot of work…



If you’ve had a few beverages and don’t feel like skating, it’s very easy to hop on the subway and get to just about any part of the city. The only downside is that they were usually crowded and finding a seat was a little difficult.



I forget what bar this was in, but it is quite possibly the best sticker I’ve ever seen.



At some point we were at the Longboard Loft. They had lots of wheels so I took an artsy photo of them.



Just hanging out in Times Square. No biggie.



After goofing around for a few days it was time for the main event: The Broadway Bomb. We slowly made our way to the start of the event trying to rid ourselves of a delightful hangover. Upon seeing the numerous cops at the start, we sobered up real quick.



It’s hard to say how many cops were there but it was an impressive number. They were ready for a full on riot.



This is NYC’s newest form of skate-stoppers. Not too effective (see video below).



They even had a ghetto-bird in the sky. Ok, this might be over kill.



This guy  made the mistake of skating to the start of the event with a beer in hand. Not a wise idea when there are 50+ cops in riot gear.



Anyway, we weren’t about to let a few police officers stop us (even if they wanted to). So we got after it and took over the streets. It’s pretty wild skating through the streets of New York, so doing it with a few thousand people is cray-cray.



We finished the Broadway Bomb without dying or getting arrested. Skaters: 1  Cops: 0



Casey didn’t make it away unscathed though. But since this was self-inflicted (?) I’ll give another point to us. Skaters:2  Cops:0


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This mom drove her son and a handful of his friends a few hours to participate in the Broadway Bomb. Kudos to her! Skate moms are rad.


Insider tip for the Broadway Bomb. Your legs are going to be tired so take a taxi to the party spot.



Occasionally, it’s fun to be a tourist.




Well, this just about wraps up the first half of my East Coast trip. Check back for part two of the ‘Boneyard: East Coast’ series for Skatesgiving coverage.


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