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2013 Downhill Skateboarding in GIFs, Part 1

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The end of 2013 is coming soon, so I’ve been going over all the photos I made during the year. I’ve been collecting photos for the Skate[Slate] Longboarding Magazine‘s 2013 Photo Annual. Through this process, I’ve picked out some sequences to show in GIF form. A few are sequences showing scenes featured in issues earlier this year and a few will give you a preview into what to expect in the Photo Annual. Be sure to check back in December when I post the rest of my GIFs for 2013.

1. For the first issue of the year, Spring 2013 Skate[Slate] Longboarding Magazine, Liam Morgan and Byron Essert were featured on the cover, both sliding switch stand-up toeside style.


Before I shot that photo with Liam and Byron, we shot a double switch toe on another road in the area. The spread in the magazine and the corresponding gif are below.


2. In that same issue, I had a feature on Puerto Rico and my impression of their downhill skateboarding scene. It featured this photo of some locals eating it at a hill in Guajataca, PR. The gif shows you how they got into that mess.

Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 3.22.01 PM


3. The contents page of the Early Summer Skate[Slate].


While riding the same road featured on this issue’s cover, Billy Bones air brakes while he steers around me. In the gif, you can see him draft up to me, go for the pass, and then fan his arms out. It just so happened that I really liked the contrast and gesture in the one image. I converted it to black and white and soon it was an obvious choice for the contents spread.



4. Next is the opening spread of the “Breaking in the Van” article which documented one of Landyachtz’s road trips to San Francisco. It features Kyle Martin about to overtake a truck on a hairpin corner. I asked Landyachtz if they wanted to use it for advertising. For obvious reasons, they weren’t interested.



5. This sequence didn’t make it into the magazine but I wanted to show it. David Rudgers chooses a creative line in SF.


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6. When we were in Coos Bay, OR, some locals showed us a housing development with no houses and butter smooth pavement. The photo of the group sliding around a right hand corner featured in the spread below shows a sidewalk in the bottom left part of the image. That is the sidewalk in the gif below that was also a Landyachtz ad a while ago.



7. The following two selections are previews of the upcoming Photo Annual. This sequence of RAD riders Louis Pilloni and James Kelly shows the same angle of a photo that will be in the Photo Annual coming out next month.


8. One day in Portland, OR, Jp Rowan and Brandon Tissen wanted to go ride this hill with a tunnel. But they each wanted to ride it with different vehicles. It was a perfect match. Again, check out the photos in the Photo Annual.



9. The next two gifs are just for the heck of it. Daddies Board Shop in Portland, OR recently had an opening party and BBQ timed up with the Caliber team in town. It was a pretty mellow skate sesh with no one really pushing their limits. Then Portland local Casey Morrow jumps from the railing to ramp like it ain’t no thing.


10. Last but not least is this gif of a young pup in Puerto Rico that is chewing on Scoot’s prized Big Zig. Scoot is confident in the Abec 11 wheel’s ability to withstand abuse from puppy teeth. He was too cute to resist a few photos of.


Stay tuned for my post in December where I will wrap up my version of 2013 Downhill Skateboarding in GIFs.

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