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Downhill Skateboarding’s Top 5 Power-Couples

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Patrick Switzer and Tamara Prader


Tamara and Patrick

5. Key Dougherty and Katie Neilson – Before she grew up and became the world-traveling skateboard party animal and handler of business she is today, Katie raced go-karts competitively, which made her a perfect match for San Diego local, auto mechanic, and Gravity team rider Key Dougherty.

4. Patrick Switzer and Tamara Prader – These long-distance lovers have been bump-drafting for at least a year and a half. When they aren’t traveling the world skateboarding, Pat and Tamara have real grown-up jobs: Tamara works at an architecture firm and has the stylish glasses to prove it, while Pat is finishing up engineering school.

3. Rileyna – Riley Harris and Elena Corrigall – She used to race ice luge, he kinda looks like Draco Malfoy: this Calgarian couple took the IDF world cup circuit by storm this year, with Riley finishing 11th in the world and Elena dominating the women’s standings, coming in 1st.

2. Brianne Davies and Graeme Hystad – Brianne definitively proved that women could be just as fast as men, had a pro model with Rayne, and was speedboarder of the year in 2009. She’s retired from sponsorship but still shows up to skate. Graeme travels the world and shreds with the Landyachtz Eh Team.

1. Alicia Fillback and Carmen Sutra – The Sunset Sliders refer to this Portland-based duo of Sapphic shredders as the Scissor Sisters. The rest of us know them as the two best female freeriders. #dykesondecks, straight killin’ them straights!


6. Rob and Maga McWhinnie – They’re married, Australian, and rad.

7. Amanda Powell and Dane Weber – East Coast on the West Coast.

8. Troy Yardwaste and Rachel Rayne – they just broke up.

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  1. Rob McWhinnie

    this is so cheezy max. still i got so much love for my wifey, crazy happy when im mobbing a mountain road with her in country away from home, i live for that shit, we do together.

  2. Dan Pape

    You Rule Max. I love this shit. Semi perma grin while reading. Thanks buds.

    PS. my wife used to try and keep the skate-mance going but after one big whole nasty road rash incident, she threw in the towel for good. Not to mention she couldnt let her parents know during our 1st visit to Japan. It was hard covering up the injury when Onsen (hot springs) time came

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