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Breaking In The Van – Behind The Scene

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Back in Issue 12 we ran a story covering a Landyachtz road trip in their new van. Now we’ve got this video to get a peek into everything that happened behind the scenes. If you missed the issue, click here to order a copy.

March 2013 – We needed to get some footage and photos for the 2013 LY lineup. It was raining in Vancouver so the only thing we could think of was head south in the newly acquired Van. First stop was Portland to pick up some crew, then we got chased by the rain down the coast to San Francisco. Here is some behind the scenes footage from the trip.

Starring: Travis Craig, Kyle Martin, Nick Breton, David Rudgers, and Jon Huey
Filmed by Dave Leslie

Jon’s photos and write up are featured in this Skate Slate article: (#12 Early Summer Issue)

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Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 11.04.33 AM