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2013 Downhill Skateboarding in GIFs, Part 2

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As an early Christmas present to the readers of Skate[Slate], I have a collection of GIFs. This is the second part of Downhill Skateboarding in GIFs. If you don’t practice in the Christmas tradition, then consider it a special set of GIFs for you and your family.

1. In the Fall issue of Skate Slate, we checked out Harrison DePass and his skilled sliding. The gif sets his moves in motion for you.



2. In the same issue, the Giant’s Head Freeride article showed a photo of Riley Harris going down in a race against Travis Craig. It was a pivotal moment in the race as Riley was racing really well. Though you can’t see who threw the pinecone, you can see see in the gif that he is certainly taken off his board by pinecones thrown by the mob of spectating racers. SKS14-RGB.indd


3. Here’s a tight race heat eariler in the day where Riley races Brett Ciabattini.

4. The heat for this junior didn’t turn out so well.

5. Elena raced very well with the boys at the Giant’s Head race. But while racing Alex Hannigan through Deadman’s corner, she started high-siding. Luckily she somehow twisted her body to land on her butt instead of the back of her head.

6. Daniel Fissmer grabbed a stylishly tweaked out method up this crazy ramp.

7. Stephen Vaughn made a pop-shuvit tailgrab after a few attempts.

8. Landyachtz had a night session for the filming of their video. It started raining and not many wanted to skate the ramp besides Stephen. After eating it badly a few times, he landed this switch 180 slide with finesse.

9. While going through photos of this year, I found a few sequences from the Maryhill Festival of Speed that I thought were worth showing. This gif is of a practice run in which Ryan Vitale loses traction on the never ending left.

10. In this Juniors race heat, Jake Wilkinson leads a pack through the never ending left. A crash ensues as too many riders shoot for the inside line.

11. At Maryhill, there is free time while shuttle vehicles are on the course. The organizer, John Ozman, holds mini-contests for free product. This young lady, with a nickname too obscene for this post so we’ll refer to her as DF, went for a big air and got tossed hard. DF got up as quick as she went down.

12. The Columbia Gorge is just a few minutes away from the bottom of Maryhill, so during the hot days it’s good to get a jump in the water. Some do more daring jumps than others.

13. In the winter issue of Skate Slate, there was an article on Jimmy Riha, exemplifying a normal day of skating for the conductor of the Rad Train.


I went with the sequence above because it merged together well as one photo. Below is another way Jimmy took the corner.

14. Here is an outtake from shooting photos of Jimmy in La Hoya, CA.

15. Towards the end of the issue, you’ll see this RAD ad with Louis Pilloni and James Kelly skating this beautiful Southern California corner. The gif below the ad shows an alternative angle from the same photo-shoot where the photo for the ad was produced.


16. Also in the Winter issue is an article on Pikes Peak. Though the article features Max Dubler’s photos, I was also there shooting and happened to get some good sequences.

17. Fredrick Lindstrom demonstrates a proper mongo footbrake.

18. Mike Snyder wasn’t as lucky with his standard footbrake.

19. Last, but certainly not least is this gif of Ben Dub skating in Oakland. This local woman decided it was necessary to stop in her lane and flash her lights at Ben. He kept it in his lane and threw a textbook slide right as he passed her.

That is all I have. Now go skate if the weather permits. Have a wonderful holiday season.

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