South African Adventure: SA Racing

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Alex Meyer - 1st Place High Rising


Alex Meyer – 1st Place High Rising

Summer is just heating up in South Africa and two of the bigger races of the year have just flown by. High Rising and Hot Heels are probably the two most demanding courses on the circuit, especially with a mondo tail wind. High Rising is a sequence of chicanes, one in the road and one made by hay leading into a sharp left at 90km (with a tail wind) with a big dip in the road. Hot Heels is not quite as quick but with more turns and a narrow road, making it pretty challenging to negotiate with four other skaters.

The race scene here has made huge progress in terms of skill and number of good riders in the last few years. Two years ago there were only a handful of people pushing down with the top level internationals, now half the field can. Thankfully they’ve kept the same chilled and calm racing style. Stop watch timing makes for a low stress qualifier that puts you in the right area. They always provide food and good shuttles,  as well as make sure to arrange cheap accommodation for the masses. They also have a huge family feel that other scenes are losing touch with. Everyone joins up after the races at the chalets and gets ready for a big Braai (South African BBQ) and a beer or three.

Ready to ride Hot Heels Africa

Ready to ride Hot Heels Africa

The skating here is also pretty amazing. Lots of busy city runs, so they skate pretty much exclusively at night for bombing runs. The big five coming down from the top of Cape Town are pretty amazing. All very different runs and all pretty scary if you’re not used to them. They also have long mountain passes and a bunch of nice freeride spots.

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Just some Rhinos

Just some Rhinos

As part of the “what to do and where to go” part of these posts I’d like to talk about two companies in SA that are worth checking out no matter where you are! Fat Ant and Boardyard are both fantastic local companies with amazing heart and great products. Boardyard makes some of the lightest and safest aero lids out there (if not the lightest and safest), and Fat Ant makes great bushings with a unique, low rebound feel that’s opposite from what the majority of companies offer; perfect for locking into long slides or railing corners in your tuck.

If you haven’t been keeping up with my Instagram I’m still posting daily so check it out! You can also check out #pettinglionstour for all the photos from this trip. You should also check out a couple photos on the Rayne Blog from Hot Heels.

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