Jon Huey’s Favorite Unseen Photos of 2013

2013 is over. It’s time to reminisce about the previous year’s achievements. For me, that means showing photos that I’ve been saving that never got used editorially or in advertising. I saved many photos for the 2013 Photo Annual, but not all of mine made the cut for the best photos of 2013. The following photos are still some of my favorites but were cut from the design.

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At the start of 2013, I photographed Byron Essert and Liam Morgan for a double interview feature on the two young and talented skaters. Here’s one of the outtakes.

We found this random driveway, Byron hit it quickly, and got kicked out as we were already leaving.

Liam slides switch into a steep corner in the Bay Area.

I also interviewed Will Royce later about midway through the year. Here, he pulls a melon grab half-cab slide (I don’t know what else to call it) in Puerto Rico.

Will wallrides down one of the many wonderful ditches of Albuquerque, NM.

New Mexico native James West Jr. does some sort stinkbug tail-slide grind 180 thing that was impressive to watch.

Nick Ronzani gets backwards sliding through a hidden forest hairpin in San Francisco, CA.

This next image could be a good background for your computer. It’s a shot of James Kelly in Malbu, CA. The framing of the image was James’ idea.

James Kelly stand up slides on one of his favorite hills in Malibu, CA. This framing of this shot was James' idea.

James Kelly stand up slides on one of his favorite hills in Malibu, CA. This framing of this shot was James’ idea.

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Lastly, I have some portraits of various talented riders in our scene.

Casey Morrow in Portland, OR.

Zak Maytum at Pikes Peak, CO.

Byron Essert in Oakland, CA.

Travis Craig in Puerto Rico.

Hugh Johnson in Puerto Rico.


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