Agenda 2014: Abec 11/Sk8Trip Distribution


The Abec 11/Sk8Trip Distribution booth was packed to the gills with gear, showing off just how extensive their product line is. Click through to take a look at what they had on hand, including some shots of the long awaited Fyre and Liquid trucks.


Precision trucks have been in the works for a long time in the secret research labs at Sk8Trip, and now they’re seeing the light of day. Each set is made to order in California, so you can select your baseplate angle (20° to 50°) as well as hanger width (100mm to 200mm). Shown here are the Fyre trucks, featuring a double pivot to keep pressure on the bushings even through the entire range of motion, and a floating kingpin. You can also convert the Fyre into a more traditional reverse kingpin design by unbolting the second pivot and replacing the floating kingpin with a regular one. If you don’t want the option of using the double pivot design of the Fyre truck, you can opt for the Liquid precision truck, which eliminates the second pivot entirely, making it a normal RKP precision truck at a very affordable price ($200).




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Abec 11 has the most extensive wheel lineup in the industry, and they were all on display. Whatever your needs, they’ve got you covered.


To show off the massive number of unique shapes in their board lineup, they lined the booth with a blank version of every Jet model. They have a lot of shapes, so regardless of what you desire in a board, they’ve probably got a board for you.

P1090968Jet will also be introducing a number of new graphics by new artists this year, stay tuned!

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