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Dave Helmer Joins GULLWING

Dave Helmer is now on Gullwing which brings a smile to my face.  I remember watching “the DAVE show” at a skate park close to home.  Not exactly my home skate park but close enough that I could catch a glimpse of big airs as I skated by.  When I saw Dave’s long hair flying through the air I was quick to stop and get my Helmer fix for the month.  Congrats on joining the Gullwing  Team from Skate[Slate]!

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I took these photos when I first introduced Dave Helmer to the boys over at Rayne.  Dave was always that guy at his local skate park that had all the other skaters sitting around watching the show.   He was never about only sponsorship and always skated for the love.  A true skater that I’ve had the pleasure of working with him on videos in the past.  Always ready to go that extra mile to get the good shot.  This makes it no surprise that he’s now part for the Gullwing Army.

Check out this video at :25secs (that’s Dave doing the Impossible a Seylynn in North Van).  For Skaters that have enjoyed this snake bowl, they know this is indeed a massive gap to launch over.  Naturally Helmer Broke his board (before Rayne) on this feat, as usual.

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Dave Helmer Joins GULLWING