Boneyard: Puerto Rico

January is a prime-time for me to leave the Pacific Northwest and venture to somewhere more tropical. When I was offered the chance to race skateboards and hang out on the sunny beaches of Puerto Rico, I jumped on it.

The Guajataka race is kinda like the Danger Bay of Puerto Rico except that it has thousands more spectators. Which in turn means thousands more people partying. The city of Guajataka was cool with us having a rave right in the middle of town.

This kind of gives you an idea of the large number of spectators at Guajataka.

Casey Morrow is spending about a month down there and he wasted no time in getting friendly with the locals.

There was a reggae band playing (go figure) and I snuck up on stage to get this picture.

On our way to the race we stopped off at a skateshop so Travis could snag a belt. The first thing I noticed when we walked in is that they were playing Colabo’s Fellowship of the Bearing. Not sure how/why they have that DVD but it was definitely surprising to see it playing there.

This was my bed for the first few days of my Puerto Rican holiday.

I was judging the slide comp along with Jeff Budro and Katie Neilson. Saw some epic lighting and snapped this pic.

Then this helicopter got hella close and many of us were starting to have Colorado flashbacks…

Ever wonder how Jon Huey gets the raddest pics? This is how.

If you ever go to Puerto Rico you will eat many sandwiches. My favorite is ham and egg with mayonnaise.

Another popular sandwich is the El Boss. Unfortunately it’s not served on a skateboard but it’s still pretty damn big. If you eat this thing, the “itis” will hit you hard and fast. This isn’t surprising since it has seven kinds of meat in it.

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This kid is my hero.

When the race was all said and done, the party was at a place called House of the Dogg’z.

This is probably why it is called House of the Dogg’z.

They did have a sweet mini ramp out front, so a few people who still had some energy left busted out a handful of radical maneuvers.

Apparently the best place to keep your horse tied up is in your front yard.

With time to kill between races, we posted up and enjoyed the warm sunshine with cold Gasolinas.

Next up after Guajataka was the race in Ponce. It was a very fun/fast race course where you are constantly battling to keep traction on the rough-ish road.

Bill Bones don’t like rain.

We made the most of the wet/dry conditions and got to hang out with a cat. All is well.

My last piece of business to take care of before leaving Puerto Rico was to stock up on Gasolina. Basically they are Capri Suns but they have booze in them. This trip I managed to bring home about 40 pouches of Gasolina. Looks like that calls for a celebration!

I’m now back in Portland and it is currently 28deg outside. It’s good to be home but I sure do miss sunshine and sandy beaches.

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