First Look: The Boss Hawgs freeride wheels

We gave a sneak peek through our social channels earlier, but now we’ve got the first official glimpse of the Boss Hawgs, a new-for-2014 free ride wheel designed by the team at Hawgs Wheels.

Built around the same FSU core as Kyle Martin’s pro model wheel, these wheels have a slimmer contact patch and more of a radius on the lip. The wide core should mean consistent wear patterns, while the slimmer profile will make it a little easier to break loose. You also get a few more durometer options with the Boss Hawgs, ranging from rare to well done, depending on how chewy you like your urethane. Overall, it looks like a contender for the free ride crown.

But it gets even better: Skate[Slate] Premier subscribers will get a set of Boss Hawgs with their shipment in March, before the wheels are available anywhere else. Sign up for a Premier subscription now to make sure you get a set. At $39.98 for a set of wheels, a copy of Skate[Slate], and a bunch of stickers, you can’t go wrong.

From Hawgs Wheels:

Blue (rare) – 76a

Red (medium rare) – 78a

Grey (well done) – 80a

1. Center set

2. FSU core

3. Stoneground

4. 70 mm diameter

5. 33 mm contact patch

6. Team Driven Design

Boss Hawgs – Meet the bossest Hawgs in town. Stoneground and centerset, Boss Hawgs have a ridiculously smooth and predictable slide while leaving lines of pure, unsalted butter. The wide FSU core distributes your weight evenly across the surface of the wheel ensuring a more consistent wear. If you want a sick freeride wheel right down to the core, get on some Boss Hawgs now!

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