Abec 11 releases the ErnieZ for Spring 2014

Abec 11 has one of the most diverse wheel lineups in the game, and they now offer one more option: the new Retro ErnieZ.

Slotting into the lineup as a big brother to the classic Retro BertZ, the ErnieZ are poured in the same classic amber thane but in a larger 65mm shape with a beefier contact patch and rounded outer lip. The ErnieZ maintain the side set orientation of their predecessor and should make for a nice, slidey freeride wheel.

Abec 11 Retro ErnieZ

The moment everyone has been waiting for, the 2014 Abec11 Spring release. The new Erniez are in stock and ready for you! 65mm, sideset, 42mm width, 33mm contact patch. This wheel is meant to be a bigger Bertz and a Mini Flashback all in one. Mike Fitter, Mike Benda, Roberto Cobain, and Wyatt Gibbs all approve and agree that this is one of the best freeride wheels of all time. They are a great combination of the right size and shape. Get on board and try a set now! First run supplies are limited so get them while you can.


Name: ErnieZ
Height: 65mm
Durometers: 81a
Width: 42mm
Contact Patch: 33mm
Hub: 25mm
Hub Setting: Sideset
Edges: Round outer Lip, Chamfered inside Lip
Disciplines: Freeride, Cruising

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