Review: Original Vecter 37

Yuji Fujiyama of Skate[Slate] is fluent in Japanese and English. So naturally when we received an Original Vecter for a gear review for SKSjapan, I asked him if he had it in English as well. He did, so here it is.  Read on to find out about the Vecter 37. – Dan Pape

Original Gear Review by Yuji Fujiyama

Fujiyama puts the Vecter 37 to the test at the recent SLIDE JAM IN JAPAN

Product photos by Yuji Fujiyama – Riding Shot by Fifer

This is the new Vecter 37 from Original Skateboards. The board is 37″ long, 9.5″ width, and with wheelbase options from 25.5″ to 28″.

The board also has 0.1″ of rocker so the board has a flushmount for your trucks to keep the angles of your truck true. This board also features huge wheel cut outs so you are able to run wheels up to 75mm without worrying about wheelbite.


The construction is different compared to their latest downhill series, such as the Arbiter or the Baffle, and is created with 5 plies of North-Eastern Maple sandwiched between quad-axial fiberglass, making it one of their strongest downhill skateboards in the lineup.

It is shaped with their signature DIAMOND DROP concave seen in other boards such as the Apex Diamond Drop series. To answer the riders’ requests for this concave set into a very stiff, downhill oriented board, they have created the Vecter 37.

We found this board to excel in downhill and freeriding.

The Diamond Drop gives you a locked in feeling when pushing out slides and also when you are trying to hold the slides out.

At the smallest wheelbase, you are able to do quick slides and at the longer wheelbases, you are able to do bigger slides and achieve more of a surfy feeling.
The angles created by the diamond drop are not too strong and not too small, making it very comfortable to push around and comfortable even when you are tucking.

The board does feature a front and rear kick-tail, however we found them hard to use when trying to do Blunt slides. We were able to do simple freestyle tricks such as bonelesses, shuvits and longboard ollies.

Overall we found this board to be very comfortable and perfect for those who seek to do downhill and/or freeriding.

The construction of this board is  top notch, with a unique concave and shape. This board comes with a $199 price tag which seems reasonable compared to the skateboard market that is out now.

We hope to see many new boards from Original this year and we were stoked to test out this board!

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