This is a hilariously accurate portrayal of the difficulties of being a downhill skater in the dead of an Ontario winter. It sucks. Grip is tough to come by when the roads are covered in salt and landing in a snowbank repeatedly has a tendency to drain the joy out of life. Still, the Bombora dudes got after it on Toronto’s favorite downhill spot and made the best of it.

Here in Ontario we had a exceptionally bullshit winter. Even the hard core skaters were trapped in their basements drinking Mountain Dew while grabbing stinkbug on their homemade balance boards. We decided to throw our team into the fire and break that winter rust via pack runs down a incredibly unpredictable Poop Chute where water patches are grippy and theres more salt than a Ruffles factory.Oh, did we mention they were following behind a truck with a Red Camera hanging out the back? We don’t often do slow mo but when we do we bring in the best to do it! Devon Burns kills this shoot!!! 


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