Caliber Truck Co. Featuring The Standard

Caliber just dropped their new standard kingpin truck, appropriately named “The Standard”, so what better way to showcase the new gear than to drop a video? The whole gang gets together to shred some hills around the Bay and get down at a pool party of the best variety.

When we refer to Caliber as a family it’s for a good reason. Not only do we skate together, but we eat together, drink together, and travel together. Join Liam as he runs around the city grabbing all of the family, and heads to a pool party with the rest of the crew!

Here at Caliber, we take pride in providing skaters with trucks that offer everything they need, and nothing more. We’ve been hard at work developing a street truck, THE CALIBER STANDARD, that embodies the same principles we used as a foundation for our original tombstone RKP truck. Our goal was to design and manufacture a skateboard truck for the skater who rides every kind of terrain imaginable. Today we’re proud to announce that we’ve accomplished what we set out to do!

Director: Jack Boston
Assistant Director: Chubbs
Director of Photography: Dustin Damron
Follow Cam Operator: Chubbs
Steady Cam Operator: Chubbs
Graphics Animations: Chubbs
Drone Operator: Alex Granelli
On-site Technical Wizard: Alex Granelli
Red Camera Operator: Ryon Baxter
Edit: Jack Boston