Nathan Harris slides the Slick Shoes

Review: Sector 9 Slick Shoes wheels

A solid performer for fast freeriding

Slick Shoes, the name says it all. A 71mm diameter and a 31mm contact patch paired with an offset core position, nothing about these wheels was made so by accident.  Sector 9 put its many years of experience to create yet another solid set of wheels.

Fresh out of the box these wheels offer no surprises, the smooth stone ground finish and round edges paired with the 71mm height and softer 78a durometer all tell you to get ready for going fast and getting sideways. On the first run I was impressed with the perfect balance of roll speed and road absorbance. Within 100ft I was able to hold out a solid speed check, one of the easiest and smoothest breaking in periods I have ever felt. They offered a smooth, predictable slide leaving clean, light white thane lines from the first hour of riding.


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After a few quick runs I felt comfortable enough to take on some bigger hills. These wheels excelled in almost every sort of run I took them on. Scrubbing enough speed to slow things down if I wanted to, yet having enough give to be held out for as long a slide as I could throw. The slide threshold was also very consistent, just as the name “Shred Thane” would imply: Just enough grip to take on fast, curvy freeride runs, but smooth enough to scrub them without having to kick too hard.


Over the life of these wheels, my favorite aspect was how they performed during so many different riding situations. I had them set up on a Sector 9 Daisy, original Munkae Trucks and Venom bushings. Whether I was doing light downhill or heavy freeriding these wheels held their own. But where they truly perform is as the urethanes name implies: fast, hard, and heavy shredding. These wheels felt best between 15 and 30 mph, taking on curves and blasting through corners sideways, and they performed beautifully doing just that.


If I had to improve one aspect of these wheels I would be very interested in trying a center set version. With their smaller contact patch I felt like I could get more consistent wear if I had the option of flipping them. Even so, they had a very smooth life and had no major issues of uneven wear patterns.


Overall, these wheels are a solid choice for anyone looking to get burly and do some fast shredding on any sort of pavement. I would recommend these to anyone. Congrats to Sector Nine with another solid set of wheels.


Good Things

  • Smooth break-in
  • Fast roll speed

Bad Things

  • Could wear better if center set

The Breakdown


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