Look Ma No hands! Outlaw Race

As Seen on SkateSlateJapan – Words By Rob McWhinnie

From the conception of skateboard racing decades ago and countless races since, we have seen progression constantly pushed forward, with the hunt for podiums driving the sport in faster more radical directions each and every race.


With each new dominating rider in the world cup scene, a new style too has flowed on to the fellow riders, its safe to say that the fundamental shifts in racing style don’t happen as easily as this, the next gen of riders are looking for something new and parallel to their style and interests.

Outlaw Races are at the heart of the Sydney DH scene driving riders on to world class events and creating national champions, free riding has grown beyond our imagination and much like surfing, makes up the majority of board riders style. The idea to now mix the stand up freeride style and the fast action packed racing scene into a new catagory is a huge step forward and one I’m very proud to be a part of.

“Look ma. no hands! Outlaw Race” was held only earlier this month, the only rule, no hands down allowed. the riders turning up to the event would normally have been seen destroying slide jams, freeriding, filming corner sessions & generally doing everything but racing on their longboards.  While only a handfull of known skateboard racers decided to show their faces and give it a crack.

Austrlia Feature by Rob-574

With a course set down a steep wide road, 4 riders would tackle a 6 slide run. the racing was so close, inches between boards, side by side by side by side all shredding thane and getting sideways. It was an unnerving experience at times, so you would push your hardest, start to tuck then remember that you have to stand up slide down the rest of the hill and not crash your mates out. It took next level skill, more balls, more concentration to complete the track and take the win.

To be honest, I’ve never seen such good riding from a group of local riders, even the battles for minor places 12th, 13th were hotly contested and by the end of the day every rider who took part had progressed well passed their peers who missed out.

Austrlia Feature by Rob-1024

By days end Chad Gibson had made finals and held off Josh Musumeci in a best of 3 battle. 3 races for the final 4 riders, including no hands, hands down and switch runs. Points were awarded for each battle. Young Zac Italiano pushed hard all day and scored 3rd place and top gromet. A well deserved title for the epic little shredder.

As a prototype event we created our own course, our own format and rules, all discussed and decided by the riders and myself. A new generation of riders is upon us.  They shred hard and race fast but don’t use their hands, look out world – the change is here.