Review: Landyachtz Longboards – Canyon Arrow

A simple and effective top-mount

Photos: Jon Huey

Straight out of the wilderness and under your feet the Landyachtz Canyon Arrow combines classic design with more modern features to give you a board that’s both incredibly simple and effective.


To start, this board comes in at 37 inches long and is constructed with 9 plies of solid Canadian maple. Featuring a mild “W” concave and sharp edges this board  provides an incredibly responsive ride. Another thing to be noted on this deck is a direction taper in width. Up by my front foot the board measured in at a comfortable 9.5 inches, while my back foot sat on around 8.75 inches.


Having rather large feet (11.5) I was slightly put off by this much taper at first, but as I got more comfortable with the board I began to enjoy the new found mobility of my back foot. This taper, coupled with a mild “W” provides an amazing amount of control for your back foot ideal for railing corners in a tuck or positioning your foot for slides.


On my first ride one of the most prominent aspects of this board I felt was how incredibly natural it felt under my feet. It is clear to see what Landyachtz was intending to make when they designed this deck. They kept things simple and made a rad, down-to-earth top-mount to get the job done. My first experience with this deck was some mild downhill. The 9 plies of maple felt reliably stiff and responsive through turns regardless of my food placement. Within a single run I felt at home and confident with the Canyon Arrow under my feet.

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Once I began throwing some slides, I noticed some of the more subtle details of this board. The sharp edges, “W” concave, and wider front made the Canyon Arrow incredibly comfortable even when sliding. As I got more accustomed to the shape, I felt the amount of effort needed to initiate slides reduce significantly. I even noticed a visible difference in my posture when doing stand-up slides. Taking advantage of the mellow concave and sharp edges, I was no longer bending my knees and digging my heels into the rail to maintain grip on the board.


I most enjoyed this board setup with These™ FRF 717 (69.5mm, 80a) wheels, and Munkae 42.5 degree precision trucks. With this setup this board truly lived up to its name “The Canyon Arrow”. Built for speed and agility, this deck was amazingly comfortable and agile no matter what type of run I took. As someone who usually prefers freeriding and street skating, I couldn’t help but want to take this deck faster and faster. Gripping through curves and tucking through straights with some speed checks here and there couldn’t have been more enjoyable with this board under my feet.


One small detail I would have done differently on this board is the shape of the tail. I believe a slightly more rounded tail would make this board much more user friendly, as the square one featured can feel inconsistent to kick off of. I also feel this board could be improved as freeride deck by reducing the taper slightly, making it more consistent and natural for switch slides.


Overall, the Canyon Arrow is a solid top-mount that can excel at almost any style of riding, featuring incredible foot control and a comfortable board feel that anyone could fall in love with.



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