Review: Cadillac 78a Sugar Mamas


The newest wheel in the Cadillac lineup, the 78a Sugar Mamas clock in at 65mm tall with a center-set hub poured in Cadillac’s 78a THC thane. Being stone-ground fresh out the package combined with the slightly smaller height allows the rider to throw them around on almost any setup without the worry of wheelbite. With a slightly wider 38mm contact patch, they will grip and hookup just a little bit more than its bigger brother, the Swinger. Freshly opened out of the package, the stone ground is less course than usual. It almost feels silky smooth and oily.



I threw them on my board and hiked up the hill to my first location in Portland, the Switchbacks.


This mellow course offers the perfect combination of tight corners and smooth pavement. The first slide on the Sugar Mamas was ridiculously slick, which is what I expected. After the first run, the Cadillacs were fully broken in and the skin was worn off. These wheels were very smooth and consistent and the softer 78a durometer kept me feeling confident and in control.

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These wheels felt consistent over pretty much every pavement, and even some manholes. Because of their slipperyurethane, they are not really what I needed when trying to rail a corner. Rather than trying to grip, they are good for sliding around the whole corner. The slide on the Sugar Mamas felt as if the wheels are gliding over ground with minimal resistance.


After that I took them to two different steep and technical runs. The wear pattern on these wheels was really even and never once did I oval them. I did enjoy the amount of thane that was left on the road after a slide. It felt good to push them into some larger and faster slides where they felt super consistent and smooth. Never once did I feel that these wheels were randomly going to hookup or ice out. They performed outstandingly in this area. Something that could be improved on the wheel would be the roll speed. These wheels felt just a little slow cruising around but that didn’t bother me once I started bombing some steeper hills. Overall these wheels are sick for holding out long and fast slides and putting around on your local hill. I would recommend Cadillac Sugar Mamas to anyone ranging from a beginner who is learning the basics to a pro looking for some slick fun.




Good Things

  • Fast break-in
  • Consistent Slide
  • Slippery slide

Bad Things

  • Roll Speed

The Breakdown