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Boneyard – MFOS

It’s that time of year again when people from all around the globe descend upon the tiny town of Goldendale for five days of downhill skating. As usual the Maryhill Festival of Speed did not disappoint.

The Venom crew was in good form this week during the midst of their #allgoldeverythingtour

A-Swag made sure that everything was gold.

Gold shoes? Why not.

B-rad got down on the gold spray paint.

I was pretty stoked to see my good buddy Kula. Hadn’t seen this guy since I flew into Prague last year and all my luggage was lost. He was leaving for Norway and we shared a beer while waiting at the airport. His fellow Norwegian friends were cool too.

vegas mike snake
So Vegas Mike found this snake and left it in the Venom van. Apparently it slithered onto somebody’s arm while they were driving and caused somebody to scream like a lil bitch. LoL

Art has been running the starting line at Maryhill for quite a few years and does a great job. Aside from him messing up my first heat and not calling a false start… I’ll cut him some slack though. He puts in a lot of work at the MFOS.

John Ozman took a moment out of his day to do a brief interview with a production crew from Korea. Considering how hard he works to put on this event, I think he deserves a little fame in Asia.

Don’t eat this stuff. It hurts your tummy.

They had a sweet mini ramp at bottom of the hill this year. Max was stoked on it.

As always, Hawgs keeps me gripping and ripping.

My buddy Kyle Wester got a pro model and had another good friend of mine named Skip to paint it for him. One of the better graphics I’ve seen on a downhill board. Kudos to both those guys.

This guy was bummed.

Somebody (whose name I won’t mention) messed up big time and nearly broke the axle on the uhaul. Key was amused.

This guy had to come tow the uhaul. I asked if he could handle towing a big rig like that down Maryhill and he said, “I’ve towed tons of races cars down this so I ain’t worried.”

Qualification day was a bit of bummer. Timing system didn’t quite work out and neither did the weather. Womp womp.

Everybody got one qualifying run and here was the top 48 results. I’ll save you the effort of looking for my name and just let you know now that I got 17th (woot!).

I ordered an electric kettle so that Max and I could have delicious coffee while at the MFOS. Definitely one of the better ideas I’ve had.

As you can see, Max was stoked.

With most races there is a certain amount of downtime. And if a paint-pen is handy, we get creative.

No trip to Maryhill is complete without a visit to the indian reservation for fireworks. This place is heaven on earth for somebody like me.

God bless this country.