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Boneyard: Cathlamet

For many Northwest skaters, it has become a yearly tradition to converge on the small town of Cathlamet, Washington for a weekend of skateboard festivities. And surprisingly enough, the town is stoked on it. I didn’t take many photos of actual skating but instead I got photos showing the ways in which the town caters to the yearly influx of skateboarders.

All around the town of Cathlamet, we basically post up and close down the street. For the most part the residents don’t seem to mind. In fact, they are pretty stoked so sit on their porches and watch the action.

I arrived late Friday evening and went to set up camp near the marina. My friend told me that a brewery had just opened up down the road. So, of course, I set up camp as quick as possible and payed a little visit to Drop Anchor Brewery.

Not only did this place have a wide variety of delicious beers, they also renamed them to fit with the theme for the weekend. My personal favorite was the Longboard Lager.

A local police officer was making sure things were going alright at the brewery. She had those weird shoes with springs on them. Maybe that helps her chase down bad guys? Or maybe it’s just good for lower back pain.

Once the brewery was close we took our growlers back to the campsite and began picking blackberries. I hadn’t realized that the bushes I was pissing in all night contained delicious morsels of nectar.

Even though I ate every other berry I picked, we still collected a hat full. (Note: we picked these berries on the side of the bush that people weren’t pissing on).

I did announcing a good chunk of the day with my friend Rob McKendry. While chatting on the mic I managed to snap this picture of a skater going over the ramp during boarder cross.

It was incredibly warm out at Cathlamet so ice cream was definitely on the agenda for a lot of folks.

Rocket Pops!?! Oh boy!

Hmmm… I think they might have assumed that all skaters are stoked on red bull. Not sure if anybody purchased on of these during the weekend.

Somehow Bricin can get away with parking the F-bomb right in front of the grocery store. That thing must take up at least two parking spaces. But since he’s kind of a celebrity in Cathlamet they’re cool with it.

Once an event is done we basically leave the ramps on the side of the road until Sunday evening. Nobody complains and all is well.

The guy that owns this gallery caught a steelhead trout and grill it up for Rob Mckendry and I. It was possibly one of the tastiest fishes I’ve ever eaten. Thanks Tsuga Gallery!

This town definitely needs an upgrade to their skatepark. I usually make a point to kick down a few bucks every time I’m there. Hopefully in 20-30 years they’ll get something rad.

Big air contest: serious business.

Remnants of skateboard gangs still linger in Cathlamet…

We hit up the only local bar in town for karaoke on Saturday night. JM crushed many a songs but the birthday party wasn’t too impressed.

It looked like Sketchy D was falling asleep standing up so I went to get a selfie with him but then he started to puke. I backed off and decided to leave him alone.

For whatever reason, I always wake up Sunday morning and find Bricin sleeping on the porch of this house built around 1900. Maybe it’s cozy or maybe he’s just a creature of habit.

Crowds slowly began to form around crash corner. The crowds got much bigger after Rob McKendry began to announce there was free product. Go figure.

God bless America.

I had a coffee station set up out of the back of my truck. It definitely made Sunday morning that much better for me.

The Germans approved of my coffee station.

Big Lean was the team manager for the weekend. That seemed like a possibly bad idea but he did a good job. Way to go young blood!

I really hope they find this talkative cat.

cathlamet podium
Didn’t get any photos of the race but Jon Huey hooked me up with a photo of the podium. Congrats to Brandon on his victory!

For those of you who haven’t attended the Cathlamet Downhill Corral, you should definitely make a point of hitting it up. It’s going on 6 years strong and is only getting better.


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