Bustin giveaway

Get new wheels and win a Bustin Bruno Pro

We’re excited to announce that the Premier subscriber wheel for the next issue is the Bustin 5-0 Sniper in 66mm/80a. Issue 21 (Winter 2014) will be shipping in mid-November, and all of our Premier subscribers will receive a set of the Snipers with their magazines. You get an issue of Skate[Slate], a set of freeride wheels, stickers, and a free t-shirt for $39.98 plus shipping. That’s less than the wheels normally cost by themselves!

To sweeten the deal for new subscribers, we’re putting on a giveaway: Sign up for a Premier subscription by September 30th at 5PM PDT, and you will not only get all the awesome perks of our Premier subscriptions, but you will also be entered to win a Bustin Bruno Pro deck!* That’s a $79 deck that could be yours for free!

What are you waiting for?!

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*All are welcome to subscribe, but we can only ship prizes to North American subscribers.