Landyachtz Asian Invasion: Korea

17+ hours of flights, 3 sleeping pills and a fair amount of jet lag; I’m back home. After looking through 2,000+ photos on my iPhone, I’m starting to see things and places that I already forgot about. I guess when you are on the road for that long you forget small details about the trip but the big picture and overall experience are still very vivid in my mind. Here’s a few more pics for y’all to glance at to give you a sneak peek into the final leg of our tour through Asia.

Ryan “Gosh Darn” Theobald joined us for a week while in Korea. I was very stoked to have an OG Coastlongboarder roll around the city with us. He was stoked to have such a warm welcome when he got off the plane.

Best thing to do when you get off the plane is treat yourself to Korean BBQ. Cooked meet and garlic. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Most Korean BBQ places didn’t have chairs so we sat on the floor. At first it seemed like it would be fun to enjoy our meal how the locals do but then I realized that we are a group of inflexible white guys who have trouble sitting cross-legged. The novelty of it wore off pretty fast.

We didn’t wast too much time before we got out and started exploring the city. Kyle seems to have missed out on the photo spot (or maybe I did).

We checked out some old temples around Seoul. Well, at least they represent the old temples. Japan bombed the city heavily and all the old structures like these had to be rebuilt :(

These statues hurt my eyes to look at.

The Canucks found a place of sanctuary.

This was the local shop in Seoul. Mind Boardshop is pretty much stocked with anything and everything you could ever need. The locals are super lucky to have a shop like this (and so were we). Thanks Mind Boardshop and Yoon for all the hospitality!

In Korea you can win a nice skillet by playing a 50cent crane game.

This was the sight of the 1988 Olympics where a few doves got cooked.

This was my morning spot. I had 10+ choices of espresso blends. God bless Cafe Ropla.

We found a bunny. He was sleepy.

Adam tried dropping in on a giant grass half pipe. It didn’t work to well but Guff went back and landed a McTwist. Probably should have filmed that.

Plastic surgery is huge in Seoul. In the span of 5 minutes I saw 6 people who had recently gotten out of surgery. Kinda gnarly.

This little piggy tasted delicious on my Korean BBQ grill.

Billy + Coffee = True Love

We partied one night in Gangnam. People there get pretty rowdy. The next morning we were skating a spot at 10am and girls were just starting to leave the clubs at that time. Seoul is definitely the city that never sleeps.

Need a plastic bag?

Not sure if they meant to spell it this way or not. Either way, I’m praying for Piss on Earth.

It’s hard to see but there is a small gun turret up in the hill. This particular road we skated was lined with these things (as most big mountain roads in Korea are).

Triangles 4 lyf!

Went to an arcade that had a small karaoke room the size of a large photo booth. For $1 I could sing three songs. Loved it.

Project Cat and dam.

We found some abandoned tanks on the side of the road so we climbed around on them.

Also found an old fighter jet so I took a selfie (naturally).

More bunkers on the side of the road. Everywhere we went there were small reminders that the South has had to deal with a possible invasion from the North for quite a while now.

Don’t drive off the road.

This area of South Korea near the DMZ is called the Punch Bowl. It almost looks like a massive crater site.


Got to take a tour of an underground tunnel that North Koreans were making to invade South Korea. Luckily they discovered it and foiled their plans. +1 for South Korea!

Brightly colored outdoor apparel is very popular.

Incase you didn’t know, Korea has hills. Rad hills.

Jacob got friendly with local construction workers.

Guff loves his penis drink (at least until he broke the tip).

Laundry time.

1JB is following Yates and Jacob down one of his local runs. He showed us around Korea and was the best tour guide that anybody could ask for. Thanks Obie Wan Janobi for being rad!

This little kid was ripping it up at the Kolora Longboard festival. One day, you will know his name.

Kang was busting out slide-shove variations like it was his job.

Selfie life.

My last Korean BBQ. It was delicious and I ate waaayyyy too much.

The locals loved Kyle.

Jacob, Adam, Kyle and Guff are heaps bullshit. Looking forward to more trips with these fellas.

I’d like to give a sincere thanks to all the people in Korea who helped make our trip possible. Exploring new terrain in a foreign country would be damn near impossible without having a group of badass locals to help you along the way. I look forward to going back and doing it all over again.