Charlie Darragh Interview – Trappin’ Through America

Filmer, editor, skater, board designer, and all around rad dude, Charlie Darragh may be young but he skates with a confidence most veteran downhillers have yet to gain. On top of all that, Charlie just recently finished touring around the states with his new pro model, the Charlie Horse, launched under Landyachtz this year. We thought it would be a good time to get to know this multi-talented shredder from East Van. So here it is, the Charlie Darragh interview – Trappin’ Through America!

Words: Blake Smith


Photo: Jacob Lambert

Blake: What up Charlie! What are you up to this morning?

Charlie: Hey man, you know just working hard at Landyachtz, nothing new.


B: For those who don’t know you, where are you from and what makes your home place so special?

C: I am from the Eastern side of Vancouver, B.C. Canada and it’s special because it’s been home for all of my 19 years.


B: I saw you had a few ladies and a hot tub for your Charlie Horse video. Is that where your board design inspiration came from?

C: Ladies are an influence on every young man. But, in terms of designing the board itself, I think I will take credit for that.


B: Haha word, and congrats on the new board! What was the process like creating a new shape with Landyachtz?

C: Thanks man! The process was long, a lot of prototyping before we got what we all thought was best; but in the end very worth it. Couldn’t be more stoked on this opportunity.


B: Yeah dude! It’s a big honor to have your name on a board. You guys are using the new Hollow Tech design in your pro models, how does that feel under your feet?

C: The new hollowtech is pretty amazing to see in a skateboard. The fact that I can see through it still blows my mind. In terms of feel, it’s awesome. Light, stiff, good, great. Yeah it’s dope though.


B: Being out on the scene there, whos killing it on the hill these days?

C: Uhh I’m gonna go with Jack Craddock. He is a fast dude.



Photo: Jacob Lambert

B: Do you think that growing up in east van has influenced the way you ride?

C: Yes. If I didn’t grow up in East Van I wouldn’t have gone to Landyachtz all the time as a little grom asking for free stuff and learning how to skate from all the pro riders back then.


B: Was there a specific person over there at Landy whose style you pick up on more than others?

C: Well I know when Kyle Martin joined Landyachtz his riding style was pretty influential and a little next level, so I’d like to say yeah, Kyle.


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B: Have you been able to travel much with the Landy team? How is it running around with that crew?

C: Oh yeah, I’ve been running around with that crew for quite a while now. It’s great, I am on a great team with great friends.


B: Outside of your own scene, what crew is killing it the hardest right now?

C: I’m gonna have to say San Fran Sunset Sliders team. We went through there on the way back from Catalina and it was one of the raddest skate sesh’s I’ve had.


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Photo: Jacob Lambert

B: If you’re a slider, San Francisco is a good place to be Wednesday nights! Are you currently working on any projects in downhill?

C: Not really, I mean I was for a long time with the Charlie Horse and now that thats a wrap its basically pushing media and creating hype.


B: Thanks for the words, throw a shout out!

C: Hey thank you! I’m gonna have to throw a shoutout to Lambo (Jacob Lambert) for keeping it so real and being a hype photographer. Also Guff for doing the same thing with a video camera/ mentoring me. Cheers!

– – – – –

To catch what Charlie and the rest of the Landyachtz team have been up to, watch their most resent Crew Cuts video Trappin’ Through America.


The full video is here… 2 weeks, 6 people in the Landyachtz Eh Team Van from Vancouver to Colorado to California stopping at epic spots along the way. This was our journey.


Charlie Darragh