MuirSkate – Sector 9 Turkey Slide Jam + Safety Clinic

Sector 9‘s Third Annual Turkey Slide Jam is always a great opportunity to get your fill of skating before you fill your belly. As part of the event, Muir Skate and the Sector crew held a safety clinic for all riders to brush up on their open road etiquette and score some free gear.

We all know the dangers of skating both open and closed roads. On top of wearing a helmet at all times, know what your skating down and keep it cool on the road. Don’t be the one to blow a spot by pulling sketchy lines and passes. Follow the same rules as vehicles and you’ll be shredding for many Turkey Jams to come.

Skate hard, skate fast, and skate safe!

– – – – –

The Third Annual Sector 9 Turkey Slide Jam took place in Miramar, California this year, with a huge emphasis on safety.

Skaters from all over came to join in on the fun and give their own testimony and experiences on how to stay safe when skateboarding. It’s all about living to skate another day, so make sure you’re promoting safe skating every single time you step on your board.

Cover your head before you shred!