Bustin Boards – Noah Fischer – Santa Barbara Full Cut

Light on his feed, heavy on style,  young gun Noah Fischer is Bustin Boards first featured rider in their new project aimed to highlight inspiring artists, “For All Who Push”.

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Noah Fischer is a Bustin Roots Rider hailing from Ventura County, California. Noah’s style evolved from the tight, technical canyons that the Santa Monica mountains have to offer. Stepping up from the 2013 EQ, Noah shreds on the new EQ HollowCore, Aera trucks, and Five-O thane all day. I would say you can catch him on the west coast, but you gotta be fast. Oh yeah, and he’ll be 17 on January 1st, making him one of our youngest riders in addition to one of our fastest.

At Bustin we make supremely engineered boards for every type of riding and we’re damn proud to say that 70% of our customers are repeat customers. For the last 13 years we have built this reputation by staying true to our team and their feedback. Whether it’s a downhill board designed to go 70mph or a flexy cruiser designed for liquid carves, we don’t produce a board until every detail is refined and perfected by our team of shredders around the world.

Heading into 2015, we’re expanding our reach and appreciation for people who push the limits of their craft. Noah is the first rider feature in our new ‘For All Who Push‘ initiative, where we’ll highlight creative, original riders, artists and musicians who we admire. Keep an eye out for more features at our website www.bustinboards.com and keep an eye on Noah Fischer, one of the most talented young riders on the scene.

Rider: Noah Fischer
Film/Edit: Thomas Flinchbaugh
Bustin EQ Hollowcore Deck
Area K3 46 Degree Trucks
64mm 80a Five-O Freeride Wheels
66mm 80a Five-O Sniper Wheels
75mm 80 Five-O Sniper Wheels

Song: “Run Right Back” by The Black Keys
Copyright: Nonesuch, 2011
Producers: Danger Mouse / The Black Keys
Genre: Garage Rock / Blues Rock
All rights for this song go to the artist.