Switchback Longboards – Eric Jensen – Sorta Raw Kinda Hard

Eric Jensen shreds raw and hard in this edit for Switchback’s 12 Wheels of Deals sale going on until TOMORROW!
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Eric Jensen, Eric, Eric, Eric Jensen…. we are always hyped to release a new #SwitchbackAnimal Edit, but particularly hyped on this Eric Jensen edit.

Unless you’ve been under a rock, Jensen’s recently been featured in the Comet Skateboards Brucin’ USA series which is now out and we’re pretty sure he’s workin’ on little more than lurkin’ and skatin’, layin’ down lines and landing bolts.

Many thanks to #SwitchbackAnimals Jeremy Banting for the filming and Aidan Lynds for the edit. Jensen rides for Switchback Longboards, Comet SkateboardsCaliber Truck CoVolante Wheels and RDVX Grip.

– – – – –

Switchback want’s to remind you that the 12 Wheels of Deals Holiday sale is on until Dec 23rd. http://www.switchbacklongboards.com/blog/switchback-longboards-holiday-sale/. With one day left, make sure to get the deal while you can!