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The King of Brazil: Recognition of Douglas Dalua

Having been a racer in DH Skateboarding events for a little over 10 years, I’m not unschooled when it comes to knowing who some of the top athletes are, and where they hail from.  But I must admit,  Ivandro’s recap on Douglas Dalua’s accomplishments leaves me with a feeling of appreciation for the man from Brazil.  We’ve always known of his greatness, but memorializing iconic skateboarders is something that will never tire us. Please enjoy this quick summary of his time on a skateboard.

Guest Post by Ivandro da Silveiro

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Has the King Lost His Crown?

Have you heard this saying before ?

Douglas Dalua, without any doubt, is the biggest name in Brazilian Downhill Skateboarding.  In Brazil, he has more victories in the sport than any other athlete.

He’s in a very select group of national athletes that have their names immortalized in the ESPN Brazil Gallery. The only other pro skateboarders in there are Sandro Dias and Bob Burnquist.  Not to mention he’s also in the The Guinness Book of World Records.

 Rayne & Abec 11  Videos on SkateSlate.Tv

Dalua is a 5 time Brazilian Champion, a 3 time South American Champion and a 2 time World Cup Series Champion. He has won more World Cup Races than most of the skaters in activity. Only a few from this short list of pros have been ranked at the top for such an extended period of time.

At the beginning of the new millennium, I remember a race that took place in Southern Brazil (2001)  in a city named Caxias do Sul. This race was part of the national Grape Festival. At that time the biggest name in Downhill Skateboarding was an American from a famous DREGS Team, Dane Van Bommel.

Dane had just won the Gold Medal in the Gravity Games against one of the best downhill skaters of all time, Frenchman Manu Antuna.  Manu was also a personal friend of the Dalua.  Antuna already had multiple medals in the Winter Olympic Games for Snowboarding so he was no amateur when it came to competition .  Dalua won the race and Dane finished 5th. Early on in his career he was appearing as the man to beat. To the world, this was a sign that there was a new legion of very fast skateboarders from southern Brazil.

In 2004, nearly 2 years later, winning mostly every race that he attended in Brazil, Dalua left for his 1st European Tour.   With him, he brought the Championship from Almatrieb, Germany.  A sanctuary for European racers from all over the world.  Sadly, he crashed hard in the semis against local Bassi Haller. He was unable to race the final against  talented Swissman Martin Siegrist. Days before, in final in Altburon, Dalua ended 5th behind fast skaters Haller and Siegrist.

His 1st World Cup Victory  was in Brazil during a 2005 race in Vista Chinesa, Rio de Janeiro.  In 2008, Dalua earned the Championship in downhill skateboarding’s most well know race in the circuit, The Maryhill Festival Speed – Goldendale/USA.  The King of the Hill (pre-race fun) takes place the day before where the top 6 qualifiers battle it out.  Douglas took 1st in the rain race against the worlds fastest .  Things really heated up for him after MFOS. It was the beginning of his reign.

Taking it back to his home turf, Dalua competed on his native land hill where he has previously won threee times on the course.  Although he was easily one of the fastest speedboarders on the hill , he was paired up against speed demon Mischo Erban in the final.   He watched the title slip away as the Canadian crossed the finish line before him.   He wanted the title back as the King of Teutonia.

In 2010, Douglas finished the World Cup Series in 4th place and in 2011 he achieved the World Cup Series Champion with a collection of international titles. The most unforgettable  was probably his win in Coast Longboarding’s Attack of Danger Bay 8. Coast’s double header race format had him compete days after in Jakes Rash where he took 1st from Canada’s own Kevin Reimer.  Back to back wins against the best racers in the world cemented him as champion wherever he went.

Images From Coast Longboarding, longtime supporter for International riders visiting Canada

Douglas Dalua Wins Danger Bay 8 Champ

Douglas Dalua Wins Jakes Rash

Only Douglas Dalua, Mischo Erban and Kevin Reimer have taken first in Coast Longboarding’s Danger Bay – Jakes Rash double event.

Not an easy task”  – Bricin Striker Lyons – Coast Longboarding

Finally his dreams came true in 2012 winning another World Cup Series title.  This time it was in the Peyragudes race in France clinching the title. Following a series of races, he had crash in South Africa where he sustained brutal injuries. Dalua wasn’t able to battle it out with Peruvian Felipe Málaga and the event forced him to retire for the remainder of the year.  It was blow to a man trying to work his way back to the top.

2013 was a very hard year.  Poor results from the European leg of the tour had people wondering if this was it. The combination of a series of injuries and another knock out at Teutônia started rumors.  The chatter was about Dalua finally loosing his skills on the race course.  But with a podium in Bonelli Park, and another podium during the last round in São João do Deserto, momentum was building again. The naysayers talk dwindled down.

Douglas Dalua History LessonIs that the prophecy for racer of royal status? Is now the best time to stop racing and retire?

In the off-season Dalua gained his weight back.  This was a longtime problem for him as it affected his competitiveness.  He practiced while he watched a whole new generation of shredders get a lot faster than him.

Nevertheless, Dalua kept his professional attitude and was rewarded his very own feature film, DALUA DOWNHILL.  The creator of this high quality production, Zeppelin Films received its 1st award at the Gramado Cinema Festival, a prestigious film festival in the country.  In other parts of the world, including Vancouver, Buenos Aires, Russia, Arabic Emirates, the filmmakers received multiple awards for the film. Following the release of  Dalua Downhill, his shoe sponsor launched his pro model shoe.   Another important moment in Dalua’s history is when he participated in a multinational promotional campaign for a Cable TV Company, Vivo Internet Fibra (see below)It took downhill skateboarding to the eyes of more than 5 million people. Moments like this continue to help put DH Skateboarding on the map as credible, and exhilarating sport that’s here for the long haul.
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Douglas Dalua History Lesson Maryhill_5 years after his 1st time winning at the Maryhill Festival of Speed, he returned with his trademark “super push” and ceremonial Brazilian flag.  After a few seasons of mediocre results, some were thinking that this was a very brave decision to compete in a race that brings the world’s best. Nevertheless, he showed up and won the race in an epic final heat against defending champion Patrick Switzer.  To the amazement of the hecklers and stoked fans alike, just before the final left, he passes Switzer moving back into first to take the title(video below courtesy of Push Culture News).  Just one of the many wins that has continued to solidify Douglas Dalua as a legendary skater.

We will ever forget:

True Kings never really lose their crown.


Ivandro da Silveiro


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Quem já foi Rei jamais perde a majestade!

Você já deve ter lido ou ouvido essa frase em sua vida.

Douglas Dalua é, sem sombra de dúvida, o maior nome do Downhill Brasileiro de todos os tempos e o atleta mais vitorioso de toda a história do nosso esporte.

Está no seleto grupo de atletas nacionais que tem seu nome imortalizado na galeria da fama da ESPN. Dentro do skate acredito que somente Sandro Dias e Bob Burnqvist deixaram lá a sua marca.

Gravou seu nome no Guinness Book como o homem a atingir a mais alta velocidade sobre um skate, em pé, e sem propulsão de motores.

Dalua é Penta Campeão Brasileiro, Tri Campeão Sul Americano e Bi Campeão Mundial. Ganhou mais etapas de mundiais que qualquer outro atleta em atividade e ninguém, ninguém mais se manteve no topo do ranking por tanto tempo.

Voltando no tempo, mais precisamente em 2001, início do novo milênio, lembro de um campeonato organizado em Caxias do Sul em meio as festividades da Festa da Uva. Naquela época o maior nome do Downhill Mundial era um americano da famosa equipe DREGS, Dane Van Bommel.

Dane tinha acabado de ganhar a medalha de ouro nos Gravity Games na modalidade Downhill Skateboard , vencendo na final o francês Manu Antuna, um dos maiores skatistas de Downhill de todos os tempos. Manu já era multi medalhista de Snowboard das olímpiadas de inverno e hoje é amigo pessoal de Dalua.

Como nessas páginas escritas pelo destino, Dane conheceu uma garota de Porto Alegre e estava no Brasil com ela. Sabendo do campeonato em Caxias do Sul não teve dúvidas, foi lá pra ver e competir.

Dalua venceu o campeonato e Dane acabou em quinto. Foi uma mostra para o mundo que aqui no sul do Brasil havia uma legião de atletas muito rápidos e Dalua apontava como o cara a ser batido.

Depois de passar 2 anos ganhando quase tudo que correu no Brasil, Dalua partiu para sua primeira tour europeia em 2004 e já trouxe um vice campeonato mundial numa das provas mais difíceis do planeta realizada em Almatrieb na Alemanha, santuário do Downhill europeu e mundial. E isso que ele se machucou na semi-final contra o local Bassi Haller e não conseguiu disputar a final com o suíço Martin Siegrist. Dias antes Bassi e Martin haviam decidido a final em Altburon na Suiça, casa de Martin e Dalua terminara em quinto.

Em 2005 vem a primeira vitória de uma etapa do mundial, correndo em casa no Brasil, na Vista Chinesa – Rio de Janeiro.

Em 2008 Dalua consegue o vice campeonato na mais famosa prova de Downhill do mundo disputada nos Estados Unidos, o Maryhill Festivakl Speed Days correndo a final da chuva mas, um dia antes, numa bateria que junta os 6 melhores tempos de classificação da prova, ele venceu e foi aclamado The King of the Hill. Era o início de seu reinado.

Neste mesmo ano de 2008 Dalua volta a vencer uma etapa de mundial ao conquistar o inédito tri campeonato de Teutonia, na prova mais rápida do calendário mundial e em 2009 vê o título mundial escapar de suas mãos com a derrota na final de Teutonia para o campeão mundial daquele ano, o canadense Mischo Erban.

Em 2010 Dalua termina o circuito mundial em quarto lugar e em 2011 é vice campeão mundial do circuito e coleciona títulos internacionais. Os mais marcantes talvez tenham sido as vitórias em Danger Bay e Jakes Rash no Canadá na casa do super campeão Kevin Reimer.

Em 2012, por fim vem o tão sonhado título mundial da IGSA World Cup Series, vencendo Peyragudes na França numa das provas mais rápidas do planeta e fechando o título com a vitória somente na última etapa na África do Sul, prova que ficou marcada pelo fatídico acidente que retirou das pistas o peruano Felipe Málaga, vice campeão Sul Americano e desafeto de Dalua.
Em 2013, num ano muito difícil, com uma temporada europeia muito ruim, uma série de lesões e mais uma baixa em Teutonia, iniciam-se os rumores de que Dalua, por fim, depois de quase 12 anos no auge, começara a perder sua majestade.

Mas com um pódium em Bonelly Park, um pódium na última etapa do mundial em São João do Deserto, aliados a resultados constantes, Dalua termina o ano de 2013 no topo do ranking pra se tornar o primeiro Bi Campeão Mundial do circuito mundial.

Seria esse o prenúncio da aposentadoria? A hora certa de parar?

Durante a pré temporada Dalua voltou a ganhar peso, problema com o qual luta durante toda sua carreira, e nos treinos assistiu a nova geração sendo bem mais rápida que ele.

Mesmo assim manteve um posicionamento profissional como ninguém, viu seu longa metragem, DALUA DOWNHILL, ser premiado no Festival de Cinema de Gramado e pelo mundo afora, Vancouver, Buenos Aires, Rússia, Emirados Árabes e como recompensa, viu seu patrocinador de tênis lançar o seu pro model no mercado além de participar de um comercial de televisão para a operadora VIVO que levou o Downhill Skate aos olhos de mais de 2 milhões de seres humanos.

O circuito mundial de 2014 arrancou no mês de maio com o maior campeonato de Downhill Skate do Mundo, o Maryhill Festival Speed Days em Goldendale, Washington, lá mesmo onde o seu reinado havia iniciado.

Uma prova que conta com um seleto grupo de campeões e talvez a mais cobiçada de todas as copas.
Mesmo desacreditado por muito, o Bi Campeão Mundial foi lá, representou como sempre nossa bandeira brasileira e colocou na sua galeria um dos mais importantes troféus do Downhill Skate Mundial vencendo a prova numa final emocionante com o defensor do título, o canadense Patrick Switzer.

Por isso, nunca esqueçam: Quem um dia foi Rei jamais perderá sua majestade!


Interview |Douglas Dalua [Click Here]


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