Cloud Ride Mini Slides Review


Nathan Harris Photo

Wheel Size: 66mm
Durometer: 83a
Contact Patch: 38mm
Bearing Mount: Offset
Wheel Lip: Beveled
Finish: Pre-Ground

With a small size of 66mm and a 83a durometer, the Cloud Ride Mini Slide wheels have all the features i expected out of a solid freeride wheel. The more unique aspects of this wheel stand in its large beveled lips paired with an extremely sugary urethane quality giving it a very smooth and predictable slide from the start.

Within the first few slides these wheels felt smooth with zero chatter – impressing me with a pretty much non-existent break in period. The beveled lips provide an extremely forgiving slide which made me feel like the very last thing these wheels wanted do was catch an edge. By the end of the first run, the Mini Slides were sliding smooth in every direction, and laying some of the most noticeable white thane lines I had ever seen.


Jeff Burgin Photo

Fresh on the pavement the very first thing I noticed was the roll-speed. Transitioning from other small wheels, I noticed a fair decrease in speed. The difference wasn’t only in actual speed, but they almost felt as though they were riding much closer to the ground, hugging the pavement. Not a grippy kind of hug, but as though the wheels would constantly being depressed to the shape  of the pavement. This could be great or undesirable depending on the kind of ride you prefer.

After getting better antiquated with the Mini Slides, I took them on some more demanding hills. On roads steep and curvy, the Mini Slides provided hours of consistently buttery slides. Although they aren’t the best choice if you are looking to come out of corners with speed, their easy initiation great for keeping your angles low and sliding through corners, not at them.


Jeff Burgin Photo

Over the few days I skated the Mini Slides, I took them on a variety of pavements and grades. They offered a buttery and predictable slide under almost all conditions. That being said I found these wheels are most at home on steeper grades where roll speed doesn’t matter and you have plenty of room to do long slides without worrying about sticking any line.

If I could change anything about these wheels, I think a more traditional lip shape would make them better suited to more technical riding. I would also be interested to know if any of the higher durometers would have a better roll speed or a longer life span. I cored these wheels in about 3 sessions of freeriding and though $40 dollars isn’t expensive, other wheels of that price could offer you a much longer life.


Nathan Harris Photo

I would recommend these to anyone who wants a supremely forgiving hookup ideal for pushing the length of your stand ups and getting a consistently smooth sugary slide feeling from the first run to the last.

Pros: smooth slide, predictable

Cons: short life span, Slow roll speed,