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Instabanger – February 1st

If any of you are like me, chances are Instagram is your main source of impulsive entertainment. News travels fast and Instagram is right there to capture all those triumphant moments and epic fails. Where else would you share a photo of your friend eating shit while trying to shotgun a beer? Anyways, here’s to all of my favorite moments from this last week on Instagram, the February 1st edition.


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Source: @aerakrimes

1. K-rimes wins Guajataca Open Class

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Source: @williamroyce

2. Will Royce almost nails a car in Puerto Rico while skating in the rain.

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Source: @byronessert

3. Again, Will almost hits another a car skating in the rain…

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Source: @ferbailleres

4. Longboarders are still eating shit.

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Source: @annaoneill

5. Emily Prose takes 1st in Guajataca Womens. Spooky Wooky standing in 2nd and Nayhomi Cruz in 3rd.

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Source: @daggers_rule

6. Max Capps is back on a board after an ACL injury last summer.

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Source: @daddiesboardshop

7. Arbor and Caliber’s full length movie GRADE hit stores this week.

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Source: @thesewheels

8. K-Rimes ditched the gym shorts in what we believe is a new years resolution to step up his denim game.

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Source: @daggers_rule

9. A-swag wins Barrett Junction followed by Zak Maytum and Mark B. in 2nd and 3rd.


10. And finally, here are my insta-quotes of the week.

“He cant stay in he’s tuck for long other wise he’s balls heart”


I wish someone would wheelbite my hand


Apexed to early in the search to get hella pitted. I know that feeling


This literally pisses me off, he always gets hit every time he skates in the rain and never apologizes, just gets the fuck out.


Stylish squatter gave me a laugh