Boneyard: Dirty Souf Tour

2015 started off with a big bang! Ok, not quite. But it did start off with a long and very fun road trip through the southern part of the USA. Myself, Adam Yates, Guff, Dillon Stephens, Jacob Lambert, Katie Neilson and Stephen Vaughn drove from LA to Florida and back again. Many things happened.

Ok, so right off the bat I lied. Stephen Vaughn and Katie Neilsen didn’t go LA to Florida and back. They were on a good portion of the trip but not all of it. But here is a photo of what our starting crew looked like (minus Alaska).

First part (and the biggest part) of driving across the USA is driving. Not many photos were taken cuz not a whole lot happened then. We did come across a beautiful sunset in Texas. My iPhone took a decent photo.

Ok, we did see a “sleepy” armadillo. Luckily none of us got leprosy from snuggling with it.

After many days of driving we made it to our first stop. Kona! I’d never been to this skatepark and I’m kicking myself in the pants for not having gone sooner. This place is rad.

Gotta give a shout out to this mini ramp. It was probably my favorite thing there.

As much as this says, “Pull me over.” I still dig it.

We went to a twerk contest in Jacksonville while at Kona. It was everything we could have hoped for and much more. By “much more” I’m referring to the vicious hangover I had the next day.

This place has style.

People were stoked on fireworks. Kai seems to be indifferent about them.

There were a few moments when the firework battles got a little crazy and I expected the skatepark owners to shut it down. Then somebody would come over the intercom and say, “Attention skaters!….. We have pizza in the lobby. Come get pizza.” So I guess they were cool with fireworks.

Was it a challenge to do something naked at Kona? Either way, more power to ya.

A late night visit to Waffle House was a welcomed experience. Lots of greasy food for cheap and fast/friendly service. Kudos Waffle House.

It was not uncommon to see this kind of scene at Kona.

AWG for life.

After Kona we went to New Orleans for a few days. And we did what most people do in New Orleans.

We walked Bourbon Street and drank crazy concoctions.

Grenades was our drink of choice.

I got this raccoon to stand on a skateboard. Later it scratched me.

Now I have rabies.

After a few nights in New Orleans we headed straight to Houston for the No Bull Bayou Battle. I’m putting this photo of the Spring skatepark here cuz I didn’t get any photos of it (too busy skating) and I want to make y’all jealous. This place was rad. No, I did not take this photo.

This guy (Greg Noble) put in tons of work to make the first LEGAL parking garage race happen. I formally met him at this huge get-together/dinner and he promptly started giving me free beer. Needless to say, I think he’s swell.

Scott Sheridan is the other guy who put in a whole lotta time to make the Bayou Battle a success. Very stoked that they had a good event. Next time he might wear slide gloves during the race.

Before heading to the garage we met at the Carve shop to get registered, talk shit and buy coffee from the fancy place down the street. Kudos to Carve for holding it down for the Texas scene for the last few years.

Local news came out and did a story about the race. I did not make it on the news though :(
Nice work to homie lurking in the background.

I know they were expecting a big turnout, but 200+ racers is huge! Especially for the first year. Everything is bigger in Texas.

While we were racing I asked Greg if he had any “liquid courage.” He gave me a $13 bottle of beer. #southernhospitality

Ray Adams won the race and walked away $3000 richer. Congrats!

The after party started up around 3am in an old warehouse that was falling apart. I was creeped out by the building but talked with the owner about the history of it. Turns out it was a very neat structure. *the more you know*

After the race we had a mellow session at this very fun ditch. Right about the time I stopped skating Greg came up and gave us a 12pack of Texas beer. Like I said, I think that guy is swell.

Obama loves Houston and creepy babies.

Cats love me.

To continue the Dirty Souf Tour we went to San Antonio. To it’s credit, San Antonio was much nicer than I expected. Fun fact: you can walk with an open container on the river walk.

Visited the Alamo.

Got our photo taken at the Alamo but instead of paying $20 for their crappy print, I took a crappy photo of it with my phone.

Saw the San Antonio Space Needle.

On our way to Austin we heard about an abandoned water park. This thing was pretty crazy so we butt-boarded it.

Yes, I went to Austin. And yes, I took my photo on a Jackalope.

My friend Georgia took us on a board tour of Lady Bird Lake (thanks Georgia!).

Then we went to a gay bar.

Guff turned down for something.

Somehow we found a reasonably priced hotel right next to the capitol building. #blessed

From Austin we drove to Fort Worth to stay with my folks and celebrate my 29th birthday with them. Stephen fell asleep. LOL

I forgot to bring #projectcat with me on the road trip but luckily my mom made a giant piñata of him. My mom saved the day.

We went to get BBQ and Guff started kissing all the taxidermied animals.

Luckily he couldn’t reach all of them.

One of the highlights of the trip was getting to visit the Bombsquad HQ in Arlington, Texas. Tanner and Wes came in on a Sunday and opened the doors for us to give us a tour.

They’ve got some really rad toys.

Some more practical than others…

Pretty rad to see an awesome longboard company come out of my hometown. Really wish these guys were making boards when I was pushing around on shitty pintails.

After kicking it at the shop for a bit Tanner and I were talking about an old ditch I used to skate 10+ years ago. Turns out it was right down the street from the shop and still fully skate-able. It’s pretty rad to go hit your old stomping grounds and have just as much fun there as you did when you were a kid.

Quick shoutout for the homies!
The Bombsquad guys are trying to get their van back on the road. Click the link to buy a rad shirt and help support the cause. Yates and I picked one up and so should you!

Got in touch with my southern roots a little bit while in Fort Worth.

Our time in Texas came to an end and we began driving back to LA. But that doesn’t mean the fun came to an end.

(h)AWG(s) for life.

We found a nice spot in the desert to light off our remaining fireworks but unfortunately the cops caught us before I could make good use of my bottle rockets. wompwomp

And that pretty much sums up the Dirty Souf Tour. Check out #dirtysouftour on isntagram if you wanna see more ridiculous happenings from our three weeks on the roads. Thanks Landyachtz for the van and gas money!


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