Guajataka Coverage – Riley Harris On–7

Quicky with Riley Harris | Guajataka 2015

Riley Harris is out in Puerto Rico skating and enjoying the community and updating us on his adventures. Riley is supported by Landyachtz, Hawgs, Bear, and EDGE Boardshop. Photos supplied with permission from Riley Harris from his on Facebook:  or Instagram – ED

Featured Image Courtesy of Mambo’s Skate Warehouse

So for the first time I had the funds to get to Puerto Rico for the festivities and races that kick off the season. Wolfgang Coleman is too irresponsible to afford it so was sad he wasn’t coming. I was sad too.Guajataka Coverage - Riley Harris On

The airport was crazy busy but I had adopted island time even before lift off so no stress.
Guajataka Coverage - Riley Harris On

Travel was smooth sailing and Melo greeted me with just what I wanted when I landed: GASOLINA. It’s a strange concoction of sugar and liquor that comes in a Capri Sun like pouch. He showed up with a case.
Guajataka Coverage - Riley Harris On

I had a few days before the Guajataka Downhill would begin so we rode down to the beach with a boogie board and pounds of sunscreen for my pale skin.Guajataka Coverage - Riley Harris On
The surf was really gnarly and the riptides were strong. Kurtis Dawe almost drowned out in the waves. It was pretty scary.  Mack Wacey came to the island with almost no money so he would scrounge for any food he could.
Guajataka Coverage - Riley Harris On
Registration happened and Sandra (pictured in the middle) made sure everything ran smoothly. You don’t mess with Sandra.Guajataka Coverage - Riley Harris On
Dark clouds loomed over the slide jam and it did eventually rain for the top ten finals. I took a few runs and had a good time. I have no idea who I took a picture of here. Chance Gaul took the win in the end because he’s a skateboard wizard.
Guajataka Coverage - Riley Harris On
A huge DJ setup took place each night in the town square. This was the best photo my potato of an iPhone could capture.
Guajataka Coverage - Riley Harris On

There was a really creepy graveyard in Quebradillas where Guajataka takes place. Just look at it, yikes!
Guajataka Coverage - Riley Harris On

Race day had arrived. “Island time” meant we could chill between heats. Mack, K-Rimes and I took a photo with some local officials and racers.  Guajataka Coverage - Riley Harris On

The riding was intense. Mambo’s Skate Warehouse snapped this great shot of the Men’s Class final. I had the GoPro rolling and the clip is crisp.  WATCH THE CLIP HERE!

Guajataka Coverage - Riley Harris On

Photo Courtesy of Mambo


At the end of the day Kevin Reimer took the win and I took a selfie with the men’s class champion Mack Wacey and third place finisher Jomar “Black Mamba” Guzman.Selfie Podium Riley Harris

I nursed my after party hangover with a classic Puerto Rican meal. Next is Ponce for the Lago Cuerillo IDF race.
Guajataka Coverage - Riley Harris On