Rayne Longboards – Island Hopping with Roberto Cobian

When one island isn’t enough, Roberto Cobian shreds every hill he can between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic to get ready for the upcoming race season with Rayne Longboards.

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Rayne team rider Roberto Cobian stands sideways and goes fast in the island hills of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic,in his most recent edit; and he makes it look good. This week he’s racing at Guajataka Downhill in PR and rumor has it that local boy Roberto is using the home field advantage and has qualified first after heats. Judging by his freeride runs in this edit, the field at Guajataka is going to have a lot on their hands when stepping onto Roberto’s turf. Get stoked on some freeriding and send Roberto some fast vibes for the rest of the race.

Roberto Cobian

Rayne G-Mack, Skoa Trucks, Abec-11 wheels, Holesom pucks

Film and Edit:
Pam Diaz & Miguel Cabreja