Instabanger – February 10th Edition

Here we go, the week two round up of some of my favorite insta-moments in downhill – the February 12th edition.

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photo: @bustinboards

1. The new mag is out! The Photo Annual is my favorite issue of the year. Bustin Boards rider Will Royce is featured on the cover so they were quick to give us a shout out on insta.


photo: @jimmyriha

2. Jimmy Riha posted this shot from Rumble at the Ranch. It’s a cool shot but honestly the bail makes takes it from good to rad.


photo @roger_lbdr

3. Our staff video wiz Michael Alfuso knows how to get a shot. Roger is an amazing skater but sometimes watching the filmer get the shot is more interesting.


photo @santa_gnarbara

4. If you don’t follow @santa_gnarbara, do it now. These guys are putting out some of the best skate media.


photo @kylewesterskate

5. K-rimes wins Ponce Downhill in Puerto Rico with Kyle Wester and James Ware in 2nd and 3rd.


photo: @thesewheels

6. What is it about Puerto Rico, this crew, and near head on collisions? So far they’re up to 2 cars and 1 donkey. Make it back in one piece boys!


photo @dubeseldorf

7. Simply a rad shot from the Dump Road Outlaw last weekend. I grew up on the Cali Outlaw series so I’m hyped to see it still rollin!


photo @viciousgrip

8. Vicious Grip is giving away a free pack of their 4 pack on insta. Check them out @viciousgrip


photo @honjuey


9. Jon’s been in the photo game for awhile and it shows. This is one of my favorite shots that didn’t make the mag. We have this shot for you in full rez from Jon’s article earlier this week.


10. Max’s return from an ALC injury has been rad to watch. I had the same injury two years ago and know how gnarly it is getting back up to speed.

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That’s a wrap for this week! Want to see your images up here? Hashtag #‎sksinstabanger‬