Instabanger – February Bails

This week’s Instabanger I went out in search of bails and fails from all across Instagram. Remember, we all bail so skate smart, wear your protective gear, and don’t forget to tag your Instagram photos with #sksinstabanger to get them up on the list!


@americo_rossetti gets that close up shot on the follow run – lets hope the camera wasn’t mounted on a car.

@cutting_room takes his selfie game to the next level – there’s no better way to gain more followers than to have your friend eat it on camera.

@khris.f We all know a solid land deserves Slomo – Khris however got greedy and went back for seconds.

@_unlucky_charm_ – We’ve all seen this but it’s one of those slams that will be remembered for a long time. Here it is again, you know just in case you forgot.


@longboard_allday_everyday – Not the position you want to be in right before a slam.


@skatefortuna – At least this ‘thane-sweeper’ slammed behind his buddy and not infront.

@gus_ari – wait for it…. wait for it…

@papa_ostrich – If you don’t lean into your toeside, your gonna have a bad time.

@your_boy_nikolai – This one has made its rounds around the internet but let’s all note how different this video would be if he wasn’t wearing a helmet.

That’s a wrap!