Lush Longboards – Grifter 3D – Jooz in Barcelona

Ever dream of having an elevator take you to the top of the hill? Check out this new edit with Jooz Hughes in the street of Barcelona to see what we’re talking about!

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Lush UK Teamrider Jooz Hughes showing off the Lush Grifter 3D on the streets of Barcelona!

Jooz skates:

Lush Longboards “Grifter 3D” with Multiple Wheelbase – 23.47″ / 59.6cm – 26.95″ / 68.45cm
Sabre Cast Precision with Forged Hanger
Cult Wheels Creator 78A
Yorkshire tea with a dash of milk and eighteen sugars

Film and edit by Axel Serrat

Thanks to Bipo and Uri for their help!


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