Parking Garages in Vancouver

A few weekends ago, I was in Vancouver for a regular parking garage melee. A group of about twenty skaters met at Flatspot Longboards. I decided to bring my camera along and I will share the photos with you now.

Jonathan Nuss of the Ontario based Skate Invaders had just arrived in Van and was ready to skate something he was used to (they skate a lot of parking garages in Toronto). Jonathan is a skater, photographer, videographer, and a premier DJ. It was great to meet him and be able room with him while staying at Papa Les’s house. We bonded like the grown ass men we are. Bean juice, the hardships of being a skate photographer, prostate exams, you know…

Jonathan Nuss, on the left, hangs with all the young up and coming kids of Van.

Jonathan Nuss, on the left, hangs with all the young up and coming kids of Van.

We caught the train from China Town to Downtown, where the parking garages are prevalent.

huey-Van-Garage-1601 I try to be a fly on the wall and get candids. Sometimes it works, but it takes a while.


Where’s Papa?







“Hurry, before the helmet police gets us!”

We soon met up with another big group and doubled in size. We moved quickly and took over the streets we rode.


I didn’t get a great photo of it, but at this point we had grown to 40-50 people taking over the streets. We all took this left turn, across all lanes of traffic. All the cars stayed back, but then we had to dodge pedestrians crossing the sidewalk. It was only slightly hectic.


This guy wasted no time getting to work and explaining what he needed for money.

The first garage we hit so quickly and it was new to me so I had the camera packed away. We were out as soon as we were in. It was a ride of many lefts and rights with some speed control necessary.


Pack ’em in there.



huey-Van-Garage-1708I was excited because I got to see the “death spiral” and it was fun to shoot.









Chase chases another rider.


OG Coast Longboarder Marcel Robert rips down the never ending right.



Anthony Kong slips and grips it.

Les Robertson switches it up on the Death Spiral

Les Robertson got down with some switch runs down the death spiral.

So at this point, I was halfway down the spiral, shooting blur photos such as the ones above. I was just getting warmed up. After about a minute of waiting for more riders to shoot, I realized there were no more riders coming. Being a fly on the wall wasn’t working to my advantage at this point. I walked up to the top, grabbed my board and rode to the bottom with this Kayla (formerly known as Dickfish), who was still up there. We got to the bottom and realized we lost the group. She showed me some other spots the group might be but they were not there. She bounced out and I waited around at one garage for a while and decided to just ride back to Flatspot. After about five minutes of standing outside,  the owner of Rayne, Graham Buksa, showed up after returning from a meeting with a friend. He lives above the Flatspot shop and invited me up for a beer. It was nice to chat with him about work, play, and life changes. Eventually the group returned from hitting a bunch of garages. There were stories of some pile-ups and crashed. I was glad I avoided the crashing by missing the group. I didn’t want to hurt myself or my equipment. I’m excited to see what Skate Invaders might have for footage from the night. Nuss wasn’t afraid to get his GoPro in the action. All in all it was a good night.