Flatspot X Omen – Highway Jam

A few weekends ago I was in Vancouver, BC and had the pleasure to attend the Flatspot Highway Jam featuring the guys from Omen Longboards and Free Wheel Co. I took a bunch of pictures to share for you now.

Sea to Sky

Sea to Sky

The bulk of the skaters met at Flatspot Longboards in east downtown/ Chinatown area. They took a big bus and drove from spot to spot along the Sea to Sky highway, getting out at each and leaving urethane at a rapid rate. The last spot they hit was a fire access road that was closed to traffic and perfect for this sort of event. No winners, no losers, just riding downhill, sliding, and hitting features. Midday, a bunch of pizza was provided to the riders and then they got back to riding. They rode almost till the sun went down.

Here it is, hope you enjoy!